"Yes, this is Dr. Fear calling to remind you of your oral surgery Friday..."

I wish I was making this up. I’m getting my wisdom teeth extracted (they’re putting me all the way out) next Friday. My oral surgeon’s name is Dr. Fear.

The other resident surgeon? Dr. Hitchcock.

:rolleyes: The story of my anxiety-ridden life.

My mother was supposed to have an appointment with a Dr. DiMento a few months ago. She went to a different doctor.

On the door to my doctor’s office, which office is shared by several physicians, is posted the name of a “Dr. Posthumous”.

D’you think he’s somebody you should consult after you die?

Near Vancouver’s Chinatown, there’s a GORE BARBER.

When ever I go past, it makes me think of Monty Python.

"It’s not a razor cut, then? Razorcutarterybloodspurt murdering bastard!"

My Latin teacher in high school was named Alan Fear.

Mr. Fear was a dorky-looking skinny guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Really funny. He was a great teacher. Just as I think a Dr. Fear would be really good, and at least have a good sense of humor (or he would have killed himself/somebody else/changed his name by now).

Drs Fear & Hitchcock did my wisdom teeth too. :slight_smile: (I used to live in Ann Arbor). They did a nice job, I got lots of happy drugs so I don’t remember a thing. Best. Dental. Experience. EVAR.

BTW, Dr. Fear’s first name is Dalbert. IMHO, that’s a lot to lay on a kid.

I had a driving teacher named Bob Skidmore and an allergist by name of Dr. Doctor.

I had a dentist once whose name (in norwegian) meant dr. Pull.

And three medical students I know have vowed never to work together. Their names (again, in norwegian) are Raw, Violence and Payne.

There’s a gastroenterologist in central Florida named Anil Ram. He had his 15 minutes of fame a few years back when his office sign was shown on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

My school doctor and nurse were Dr. Hertz and Mrs. Paine, and I went to an eye doctor in Baltimore simply because his name was Dr. I. Glasser.

I love the sound of Drs. Fear and Hitchcock! Hell, I would go out there to use their services on their names alone! When you walk in, does Dr. Hitchcock go “Good eve-ning,” while Dr. Fear giggles insanely like Dwight Frye in the background?

My first pediatrician was Dr. Gerber, and my parents swear I once saw a pediatric dermatologist named Dr. Spot.

Our high school driver’s ed teacher was named Mr. Miles.

Boy am I glad to hear that! Dr. Fear is actually a wonderfully nice guy. It’s true… having him introduce himself as “Dalbert” really did take away some of the sting.

Back when I was a workers’ compensation claims adjuster, I occasionally had dealings with a podiatrist named Dr. Footer.

My dad’s dermatologist is Dr. Rashly. :eek:

Still, when he retires from the practice he can always get himself a nifty part-time gig as supervillain :smiley:

It’s a shame his name isn’t Terror, rather than Fear: “Dr. Terror’s House of Dentistry!”

My wisdom teeth were removed by Dr. Hertz.

My grandfather once found himself seated at a bar association lunch with Attys. Dilly, Dally, Doolittle and Stahl. They agreed they should establish a law firm together. :smiley:

My new dentist is a nice lady by the name of Dr. Tuggey. She hasn’t threatened any extractions yet, but I’ve only seen her once.

Apparently, there’s a real-life Dr. Doom at Wright State University…

(Incidentally, olive, I had mine out just recently and it was a chocolate fudge, triple-layer, strawberries-and-cream on top piece of cake. I mean it. You’ll be fine. ;))