YESSS! Banana Twinkies return to store shelves

The original banana-creme flavored Twinkie is making a permanent return to store shelves, according to Hostess, Inc. The Twinkie was filled with banana-flavored cream from its invention in 1930 until a banana shortage during WW II forced a switch to vanilla cream. The banana flavored Twinkies have returned from time to time for promotions, most recently during a four-week promotion for the movie “King Kong.” Sales jumped 20% and Hostess was persuaded to bring the banana filled Twinkies for good starting last week. I will definitely be on the lookout for them next time I go shopping.

Hostess brings back banana-creme Twinkie

Hell yea! I’m going to the Hostess outlet and buyin’ me some 'nanner twinkies.

Does anybody else have a Hostess outlet, nearby… I can get Hostess surplus stock from a factory outlet… sort of the same idea as a day old bakery reduction…but thanks to the wonder of modern processing the goods are still fresh. I get them from a third to a half less. You can also get Dolly Madisons…I like a good zinger, but I haven’t beeen there in years.

Eat up, men, for tomorrow we strike the Yoohoo factory!

Banana lovers unite!

Mmm, I loves me some banana Twinkies especially since I don’t see Mikey Flips* around any more! Now, if we can get the banana flavored marshmellows (complete with brown stripes) to return we’ll be heaven.

On the other hand, one can’t help notice that the release coincides with the release of Alli (over the counter version of Meridien). :dubious:
*Mikey Flips were round sponge cake filled with a thick layerof banana cream and folded over. Mmmmmmmm…

I drive by a very large Hostess bakery every day on the way to work. The aromas are wonderful. It’s always heavenly. The bakery is only a few years old and has millions of dollars invested in air pollution control equipment. A few neighbors have still actually complained about the aroma of baking bread!

The outlet store is being rebuilt, should be open again soon. I loves me them Twinkies! :smiley: :smiley:

What’s the texture of the cream? Same as the vanilla creme, or more like “boston cream?”


Banana shortage? So they used real banana? I wonder if that’s still the case.

YES! It is a good day!

The banana flavor is off the shelves??!? The world weeps.

That’s right. They had no bananas back then.

They will have to import them to Scranton PA.