Yesterday ... when?

On the Search page, one of the options is “Since Yesterday” (other pages seem to have other choices) When is this? If you query the Search at 10:05 PM Wednesday and say Since Yesterday, does it go back 24 hours - to 10:05 PM Tuesday, or, does it get everything from Tuesday (yesterday)?

It means the last 24 hours. I did a quick test. I searched for the word “post” in MPSIMS “since yesteday” and ended up with 81 threads. The time frame was from 2-27-01 10:26 PM till 2-28-01 10:15 PM.

And I did check with the same search for the “past 5 days” and there were plenty of other threads within a few minutes of the cut-off.


Thanks, JimB, there’s nothing like actual research, especially if someone else does it.