Yet Another Dual Citizenship Question

I think there should be a factual answer.

Let’s say I live in the US, I’m an American citizen in good standing, and for personal reasons I want to establlish dual citizenship without having to relocate to another country. I don’t have a criminal history and I can support myself financially without any government assistence.

Are there any Western Democracies that allow you to apply for a passport that don’t have a residency requirement? I’m talking about a real, bonefide passport that I could legally travel on internationally.

For agruments sake let’s say I’m not too worried about the cost to acquire dual citizenship.

I can’t seem to find any countries by searching the Internet, but the teeming masses seem to know a lot about such things.

This is a couple of years old, but a place to start:

Citizenship by Investment

The bottom line is Cyprus, which gives you an EU member passport, or a number of Caribbean island countries, which are cheaper.

Depends what good the citizenships are. At least EU countries and G10 allow travel each other’s citizens to enter (generally?) without the need to apply for visas. Not sure about some of those tiny Caribbean countries. Third world countries, generally, I understand that there are some serious hoops to jump through to get a visa to visit, for example the USA or UK.

Dominica is a British Commonwealth country, and has quite a bit of visa free travel:

And, of course, Dominica is well known as an offshore tax haven, which goes along with the lenient citizenship requirements. Another danger is that the IMF, IRS, etc, are trying to crack down on them.

Thanks everyone. Dominica may be the answer I was looking for.

Easy come, easy go ? The passport that is easy to get may be easy to cancel …“As you didnt pay tax last year, and were not in the country, we cancelled your citizenship”.

My mother has an Irish passport but has never been to Ireland. Passport and citizenship were gained on the basis of either her parents or grandparents nationality (can’t remember which).