Yet another fuck Microsoft thread

So the government, in all their wisdom, decided to extend daylight savings time (DST). Microsoft put out a patch to handle this change. Great, said I, 'cause it’d suck if the DST change affected my servers. It could make things messy.

Thankfully we had fully patched all the servers to handle this change.

Of course, this being Microsoft, the patch didn’t quite work as planned.

5 of my servers and a bunch of my workstations, fully patched and ready to go, apparently didn’t think the patch applied to them. This caused a) an hour time descrepancy among my servers/stations which isn’t good and b) a 12 hour day of me running around trying to fix the damned problem.

After many hours reinstalling patches, talking to MS and generally getting really pissed off I went with the simple fix and changed the time zone settings to Arizona which doesn’t do DST.

Simple, right?

Well, now I get to go in at 1 A.M tonight so that I can undo all the DST changes and ensure that all our computers are on the right time.

A hearty FUCK YOU to Microsoft.


Bah. We had to deal with the whole South America, shall we end DST today or next week crap recently and we had no problems.

Testing, testing & more testing!