Yet another hair thread

I’m 67 years old, and most of the hair on my head is dark brown, with only a few gray hairs. My goatee is gray, my sideburns are gray, but the rest is basically dark brown. I know I’d look a whole lot younger if I shaved off my goatee and sideburns, but I don’t like that look. People who know my age usually assume that I color the hair on top, and give me advice on how to make it look more natural. I try to explain that it IS natural, but they won’t accept that.

So should I dye all my hair (top, sideburns, goatee) some shade of lighter brown or gray? Should I just lighten the top? Should I bleach everything white? Should I just leave it alone, like I’ve been doing all along?

beards and head will go gray independent of one another. explain it and leave it.

Why don’t you dye your beard? I wouldn’t dye your hair gray; is there even gray dye?

Yes, panache45 can go to Lady Gaga or Tavi Gevinson’s* stylists.

In all seriousness I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the grey goatee and sideburns- Morrissey had the grey sideburns/brown hair look before he went totally grey and it looked fine. If it were me I’d leave it alone unless I didn’t like it.

*Tavi Gevinson is a teenage fashion blogger who was 13 at the time that photo was taken.

Oh I like that look, it makes men look sophisticated! Leave it as it is, panache!