yet another "ID that song" thread

So (as usual) I have another song stuck in my head. That always happens to me: a song gets stuck in my head until I find out who sings it, and then I can forget about it. So maybe you guys can help. Here’s what I know:

  1. It was probably made in the 1980s.
  2. It sounds a little like the band “talking heads”
  3. It’s on the soundtrack to the movie “Matilda”.
    And so, I turn to the Teeming Millions ™ to help rid me of this dilemma. Hope you can help. shows the Matilda soundtrack for two songs:

Could it be either of these?

Yep. “Send me on my way” by rusted root. I checked amazon, barnes and noble, various song databases… and found nothing. I was going to give up and rent the movie, but I decided to post here first. This has got to be some sort of record. The thread was only open for about 2 minutes before someone posted the answer. Yay! Thanks!

I didn’t know that IMDB had soundtrack info. Hmmm. Damn useful site.

You’re welcome! I just happened by your thread and did a quick search - no biggie. :slight_smile:

The IMDb has an astounding amount of information (including things like the budget and box office figures, the locations where a film was shot, the precise release dates, the complete contents of the DVD of the film, and the original posters for the film). It’s the best place to start when answering just about any question about a film.