Yet another "ID this song" thread

I believe this song was a minor hit in the late 1980s (maybe 1988?). It reminded me a lot of Aretha Franklin’s and George Michael’s duet “I Knew You were Waiting” from about the same period. I believe the song in question was a duet as well, but maybe it was just a solo female singer. One line went something like “through the days…through the nights…” in a monotone voice. Another part went something like “if we keep it alive…if we keep it alive…” with “keep” being sung at a higher pitch than the other words. Near the end of the chorus, there’s a series of “doo doo…doo doo doo doos,” falling in pitch from the first “doo” to the last. A Google search for the lyrics does not give me the results, telling me I probably have the lyrics wrong.

Through the Storm,” a duet by Aretha Franklin and Elton John in 1989.

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