Yet another reason not to get a Chihuahua

Hawk Attempts to Eat Chihuahua

This just confirms what I’ve been telling people for years:

Chihuahuas are not dogs. They are big Mexican rats.

Who are we to believe, here? Dog people who insist that their little yapping rodents are canines, or a hawk, who has evolved over gazillions of years to be able to identify things to eat (its favorite: rats) from really high up?

I think they should release the hawks in the subway tunnels. There’s lots of rats down there.

Don’t get me started on terriers.

You realize that terriers (and, IIRC, chihuahuas as well) were bred to hunt rats, right? Chase them right into their dens?

IOW, that their small size served a purpose, once upon a time?

And that a sufficiently large bird of prey will take out a lamb, let alone a chihuahua?

Just checking.

[sub]disclaimer: I do not own a chihuahua. I do own a rat.[/sub]

I knew that terriers were bred to hunt rodents, but I always thought Chihuahuas were bred as food animals… little Aztec BBQ snacks…

Heh–I think the coyotes are waaay ahead of the hawks in figuring this little gem out. :wink:

Here’s a story almost like it. The dog was a spitting image of the Taco Bell commercial dog.

I have a friend who thinks it’s pronounced Chi-wa-wa. Everyone knows it’s cha-hooah-hooah…

Chefguy -

that’s CHEE-hooah-hooah. :wink:

Les Nessman! Is that you?

I like rats, but I can’t stand chihuahuas. Where’s the logic in that?

I’d rather have a houseful of rats and mice (I’m halfway there, we seem to have a half-houseful of mice right now…but they aren’t in cages) than have 1 chihuahua. They are the nastiest little dogs I’ve ever seen. Even the puppies can get possessive - I worked in a pet store (I know, I know…I desperately needed the money and got out as soon as I could) and one of the puppies got attached to me after he’d been there a week - I was holding him, and handed him over to a prospective owner - the puppy started growing and took a snap at the guy. He came back to me and was happy as a clam. Luckily, he found a home with a woman who loved him - but I have no idea why he got attached to me in a week’s time.


Petstore=not affectionate.

Probably puppymill=definitely no affection



chihuahua=attached to avabeth.

Simple, no? :wink:

The k9web Chihuahua FAQ is a little fuzzy on the origins of the Chihuahua, but this is what they have to say:

Nothing to indicate they were tasty snacks for the monks.

I’ve only met one Chihuahua that wasn’t horribly annoying, which I attribute to the owner socializing it and treating it like a dog instead of a plaything. My friends babysitter has one that is apparently very sweet and is quite taken with her baby. My friends are Rottweiler people, so I definitely believe them.

A mini schnauzer down the street from my parents was attacked in his yard by an opposum - it jumped down on him from a tree. Poor little guy was walking around in bandages for weeks.

Most of the puppies were pretty affectionate with everyone, though - this one just wanted me - probably because I spent a day walking around the store with him basically attached to me:) - we had those puppy-baby front packs, so I put him in one and walked around the store all day:D. But perhaps it wasn’t the chihuahua thing, perhaps he just took an unusual liking to me and didn’t like the guy. He did end up going with a female, so it may have just been a female thing.


avabeth, the faq I linked to above says the breed tends to bond to one person and somewhat nasty to pretty much everyone else. Sounds like that’s what started to happen to you.

I don’t care, dude. I still hate the little bastards.

Now, gimme a labradore, St. Brenard, bloodhound, chow, wolfhound, collie, or doberman, or any mix thereof, and I’ll be happy. Those are dog’s dogs.

They eat the rat muts for breakfast.

That would probably explain it - it just surprised me that he was like that when he was a puppy - he was about 11-12 weeks old when we had him in the store and I’m just so used to puppies being friendly with everyone that it surprised me. He was a sweetheart, though - the only chihuahua I’ve ever liked. I should’ve brought him home with me:D.


Does anybody know what has happened to those 174 feral chihuahuas, from a recent news story?

You know this is also a reason to get a Hawk…wonder if they have some near…:smiley:

Here’s the latest so far about that.

Thanks for the link LookitMe.

Fuck off, Friedo! What is it with men thinking that liking/owning a small dog is emasculating? And don’t lie; most of the men I’ve encountered who hate Chihauhuas have this, “No, no, I like dogs…but gimme a real dog, like a [insert big dog of choice].”

Chihuahuas are just as canine as their bigger cousins. And the reason they get a bad rep is b/c people think they’re so small that they don’t have to be trained. IOW, it’s cute to have a tiny dog doing things that a bigger dog would never get away with.

And trust me, I’ve encountered plenty of badly-behaved, ill-trained larger dogs. And plenty of good-natured, mellow small dogs. It all depends on the owner.

So get a life! Kermit, my chihuahua, will gladly stand up next to any big “real” dog and kick its ass. Sorry. He’s a badass little dog and you can kiss my ass. :stuck_out_tongue: