Yet another reason not to move to Florida

As if I needed one. The Sarasota GOP has selected Donald Trump as “Statesman of the Year”. Last year it was Haley Barbour.

Couldn’t decide if this should go here or in MPSIMS, or possibly in a new forum called “News to Shake Your Head in Disbelief Over”.

I thought this would be about the Tuberculosis outbreak that Governor Rick Scott is accused of covering up.

Love this place.

And yet another reason for me to move out. [hur*k]

We are a deeply shameful people.

And that’s only a cover story for the zombie plague!

Stupid Republic Idea of the Day maybe over in the BBQ Pit.

Oh yeah, forgot about that mega-thread. What’s it up to now, 300 pages?

Sorry, you left a word out of your title:

Yet another reason not to move to South* Florida.
*South is defined as anything south of Ocala. It’s really too bad we never finished the canal, we could have pushed the Southies off into the Caribbean by now…

Sorry you left another word out.

Yet another reason not to move to South-East Florida.

I mean yeah it’s basically the same over here, but at least we don’t have TB…yet. I personally propose that all Florida dopers migrate to the Conch Republic immediately so we can all bitch about Republicans from the comfort of hammocks while sipping drinks with tiny umbrellas in them.

Something that happened in Sarasota is a reason not to move to South East FL?

:confused: What canal?

On the other hand, Sarasota County also gave the world Randy “Macho Man” Savage. That’s got to be worth some forgiveness.

ahem Tallahassee is about as far “South” as you can get in this state.

ETA: this canal.

Stop trying to divide the damn state into “good” parts and “bad” parts. It’s Florida for god’s sake. It sucks everywhere here.

Well, go away then. :smiley: I like it here, hillbillies, zombies, old people, embarrassing news stories, almost-craziest Republicans, and all.

Let’s be fair, he only covered it up so that he could close down the state’s only TB hospital. Penny wise… something something. Let’s go save those pennies!

I think thistrumps Trump as a reason not to live in Florida.

Keep your damn garbage out of our sea!


I hear FL is really nice. If you’ve never been to CA, that is!

I hear CA is nice if… actually, I haven’t heard that.

Good. We have too many people already!