Yet another Six Degrees of Seperation Thread

Last night I bowled next to a woman who was in the basketball scene in A League of their Own with Madonna & Rosie

How did you know?

My cousin went to high school with Carson Kressley, except Carson graduated a year before him. My mom used to work w/ Brendan Fraser’s cousin. For a small while my best friend was trying to get w/ a cousin of Kevin Bacon.

You know, one of my girlfriends is his age and went to the same liberal arts college. They have to know each other. I’ve been meaning to ask her.

My former co-worker went to camp with Daryl Hannah and they stayed pals, so through her they knew Jackson Browne and JFK Jr. When they moved into a new house, they rented out their old one to me. On one visit to their new place, I noticed a photo taken the old place, of them and Daryl & JFK Jr in a funny pose on their couch. I was like “Hey, that’s my living room!”

I knew Cliff of Cliff’s Notes, but I always feel like I’m going to get beat up by English teachers if I admit that. Great guy, though.

My closest claim to fame is being singer Sheryl Crow’s cousin. (Our great-grandpas are brothers.)

Alas, if I ran into someone famous, I’d probably never notice. I’m unobservant like that.