Yet Another Whiny Customer Service Minirant.

It has absolutely nothing to do with prudishness. I’m the first guy to laugh at a fart or belch, but not when they’re coming from someone in a public place. Your bodily functions at that point are your own, and should remain as such. Really, there shouldn’t be a distinction between a dollar store and Harrods, in terms of what’s acceptible and what isn’t. Me screaming at the counter staff wouldn’t be acceptable in either place, so why should what the staff can say on the work-floor be subject to different standards?

Lib, you almost made me piss myself, btw.

There’s nothing wrong with the word ‘pee,’ for heaven’s sake. For all you know, the manager told her to say “I’m taking a pee break” whenever she had to pee. Who knows, it was a dollar store.
Plus, it was accurate.

It would also be accurate for me to go around to various people, proclaiming loudly, “You’re fat! You smell! You’re ugly! You’ve got a big butt,”* but it goes against social convention and basic politesse. What if she had her period? Would anyone necessarily have wanted to hear “I’m bleeding really heavily, I’ll be right back!”? Or how about “I’m cramping, I have to defecate so badly!”? Where is the line drawn between what can be expressed by a person in the service industry and what can’t? Or is the announcement of a runny nose that requires blowing of an equal social nature to the proclamation of a sudden attack of diarrhoea?

  • AKA “family reunion.”

You seem to be stretching these social faux pas awfully far. “I have to pee” isn’t close to any of them. Would it have offended you less if she had said “I have to go to the bathroom.” Because, ya know, it’s the same basic idea.

Plus, I subscribe to the idea that “when you gotta go, you gotta go.” If someone needs to use the bathroom, at that moment there is no greater need in their life. They get all the slack they need.

Oh please, get over yourself. You must have such a terrible life if somebody saying pee a couple times when trying to get a restroom break incites you to write a long ass pit. My god, some of us actually have troubles in our lives. Must be so nice to have such a wonderful fucking life all you can think to bitch about is somebody saying pee.

You think that was long? Hoo boy, wait 'til I get a couple of beers in me and then hear someone mix a metaphor. I’ve had bar staff mop around me, turn off the lights and go home, while I was still holding forth.

Sorry your personal troubles are so great you can’t observe social niceties at work.

Yeah, I know I’m being an asshole. I’m never an asshole. But this time around, I feel like being an asshole.

Sorry, I have to agree that pee is not the least bit offensive. If hearing the word three times in public is the worst thing that happens to you all day, hell even if it’s the tenth-worst thing that happens to you all day, you lead a blessed and charmed life.

That’d be a good point if the OP had said, “This horrible girl at the market said ‘pee’, and I am outraged!” Read it again for context. She didn’t say pee; she shouted multiple times for the whole store to hear that she needed to go the nasty place, hover her ass over bacteria infested water, spray her urine against a ceramic backsplash, dab herself with institutional flash paper, wash her hands? — god only knows, and return to the register to HANDLE PEOPLE’S FUCKING STUFF. If you don’t understand why that’s uncivilized, then you are one of her.

Dammit, it’s not about offensiveness (and I agree, the word itself isn’t offensive. “Piss,” maybe. “Wee-wee” would actually have been pretty funny). What I’m taking issue with is the fact it was done by a cashier, on shift, in front of customers, loudly, over the head of said customers, and repeatedly. I just don’t think it was appropriate, that’s all.

I was taking a power dump (well about to, I was in position with the paper in hand, but hadn’t made a move yet) Saturday morning when the phone rang. It was close by so I got up, grabbed it, sat back down and proudly proclaimed my current activity to my buddy when he asked what I was up to. Hell, it was my birthday, I can shit while on the phone if I want to.

Having to use the bathroom is inappropriate? What is this, 1950s television?

People piss, people shit and sometimes they have sex!

Get over it.

Man, that would have been freakin’ awesome.

“Hey, can you watch my counter? I gotta get screwed.”

Cashier 2: “What?”

C1: “Screwed. I gotta go get screwed. Can you watch my register?”

C2: “You coming back soon?”

C1: “Yeah - I just gotta get screwed and I’ll be right back.”

S: “What’s up?”

C1: “I’m just stepping away to go bend over shelving in the back. I gotta get screwed.”

S: “Ok, that’s fine. See you in a minute.”

Dude, I would shop at that Dollar Tree every day.

Well, I don’t see the difference between saying “I gotta pee” and “I need to use the restroom” except the former is shorter and displays an urgency the latter does not. If the person in question is a cashier, they can’t leave and go to a place where there are no customers, or some asshole would write a pit about them leaving their post.

Since a cashier, by the definition of their job is around customers, and their boss may be filling a cashier on another register, they can’t exactly say it circumspect.

And it is about offensiveness. If the cashier had said “I need to take a restroom break,” would you have gotten offended and disgusted like in the OP? If no, then it is about being offended at the word “piss” cause going to the restroom and pissing is exactly the same thing. Now if she said all what liberal said, sure I would be offended, but you gotta be pretty fucking retarded to think that what liberal said and “I gotta pee” are equivalent.

If you think it is bad manners to say “I gotta go the restroom,” then you should just stay the fuck home or something, cause it is a big bad world out there and people say pee, penis and other baaaad words.

So if it isn’t about offensiveness, then whats the problem?


Yeah, cause “I gotta pee” is SOOO much like “I’m gonna go screw.”

I think a lot of less sophisticated people might associate the phrase “I gotta pee” with what children are taught to say, and thus consider it less offensive/more polite to say than what they might normally say (“I gotta piss” “I gotta take a leak”).

Depending on the demeanor of the clerk, I might have assumed she was expressing what she needed to do in the most cultured way she knew how.

While I think being offended by “pee” is overboard, I agree with the OP that it isn’t very professional. Nor is it grown-up.

It’s all about the picture you paint. If I say, “I’ve got to run to the ladies room”, the image I’ve painted is me running daintily to the ladies room. If I say, “I gotta pee”, then the image I’ve painted is me squatting over a pot. Can you honestly say that both images are equally pleasant?

What if the cashier had announced that she had to change her tampon? Peeing and menstrual duties are both bodily functions requiring urgent action. And while I do both and am not offended by general discussions of either, I would prefer not knowing about those intimate details of a stranger’s life.

When you were in school, didn’t your teachers ever scold students who didn’t excuse themselves discretely? You were to raise you hand and ask to go to the restroom. Not announce to the class that you had to make wee wee or go boo boo.

I think that’s all the OP is saying.

I’m another one who doesn’t get the pearl clutching and thinks some people around here need to lighten up. So she had to take a piss. Who gives a fuck?

If said cashier had said “I need to dispose of my tampon” I would have had no problem with the OP.

It’s pee, people say it and worse all the time. Get over it. I heard “gotta go shake the snake,” “drain the lizard,” drop the kids off at the pool" all the time. Not in the “Dollar store” mind you, but I wouldn’t even blink if they did. Wouldn’t even register, let alone drive all the way home and bitch about it to a bunch of strangers.

I still say you got problems if somebody saying they gotta pee bothers you, and even more if you drive all the way home and compose a pit thread about it.

Oh no, intimate details of a person, gods forbid. :rolleyes:

How come? How’s that different than, “I gotta pee”?