Yet More Evidence That "Homeland Security" is an Oxymoron

And the TSA is staffed by morons. Even better, they’re morons with a blog, where they can flaunt their moronicity with pride!

Get this, they did a piece aiming at disproving that there was a shortage of air marshalls, but apparently, they gave out what could be considered “sensative information” in the blog by mistake. How do I know this? Because not only did they say, in a later correction, that it was “not appropriate,” but they also said what that information was!

The Spin-to-English translation can only work in one of two ways:
A.) The information he gave out is considered classified and thus shouldn’t never have been made public.


B.) The actual percentage is, in fact, not in the double digits, and in reality is only in the single digits. Which would mean that as many as 99% of the flights which coud be considered “highest risk” are unprotected.

I have given them the benefit of the doubt and gone with the least stupid possibility. How fucking dumb can you be? They have basically said, “The information we gave you, yesterday, which was that the percentage of flights protected was in the double digits, is classified, and thus we can’t tell you that.” The smart thing to do would be just to keep your fucking mouth shut about what it was that you just said.

It does seem strange. Particularly when you consider that a double digit percentage is such a broad range that it is telling you very little.

1.1% is two digits…

Even 0.1% is two digits. Or, if they don’t count 0 as a digit, 0.11%.

How significant is this, do you figure?

Or it COULD be in triple digits (i.e., 100%).

I’m pretty sure “Homeland Security” isn’t an oxymoron.


Viewing this thread now, I see that one of the Google ads says “Become an Air Marshall”. So I guess that not all flights are covered – if all flights were covered, would they need to hire?

Goodyear and MetLife blimp protection unit.

The TSA strikes me as the kind of organization where the phrase “let’s give it a-hundred-and-ten percent” would be used with sincerity.

Yeah, to describe the slackers. The real go-getters give a hundred and twenty.


Totally Senseless Assholes.

I feel safer already.

And then there’s this! Ladies, you had better rethink those genital piercings!


In 2005, there were approximately 30,000 commercial flights per day in the US. The Christian Science Monitor got a number of air marshals from two sources that same year at 1900-2100, not counting those grounded for illness, vacations, etc. And they work in teams, not individually.

Oh yeah- you’re safe as houses. :dubious:

Quote of the day:

Heavy milk: fat in a deuterium emulsion.

To quote an airline pilot I know:

TSA: Thousands Standing Around

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I have a belly ring and I have never set off a magnetometer. Odd.

I have 9 piercings, every one of them is surgical steel, and I have never set off a metal detector.

It depends on the amount of metal and how magnetically reactive it is.