YIKES! Nashville Muslim Caught In Attempt To Stage Terrorist Plot.

A local Muslim physician was buying automatic weapons to launch an attack on a local synagogue. :eek: :eek: :eek:


Rumor has it he also attempted to buy an anti-tank weapon.

This is the second plot against our local Jewish community in the last month.

I’m stunned! Nashville hasn’t had a week like this in all the time I’ve lived in this state. :eek: :eek:

I read the article, and it sounds like the man arrested is not a doctor. It said he was arrested after paying an undercover agent for guns “in the parking lot of the Krispy Kreme where he worked.”

The doctor quoted in the article was some kind of spokesperson for the Muslim community. One thing surprised me. 15000 Muslims in a southern city like that? That’s quite an impressive community.

Yeah, it’s been a while since a place of worship has been attacked by extremists in Nashville…

Seriously, pretty damn scary, and I’m glad they caught him before he did anything bad. I’m interested that the news report has so much detail about his alleged motivations prior to trial - surely that’s sub judice, or does it work differently in the US/TN?

You’re right–the doctor was repudiating his actions.
We’ve got large Jewish, Buddist & Pagan communities here, too.

IIRC, they’re mostly Kurds from Iraq.

jjimm, last incident I can recall was some punk kids vandalizing a synagogue a few years ago.

Then there were the kids who planned to kill N*SYNC or some other boy band. [joking]Not sure why the police stopped that one.[/joking]

Where did you see “automatic”? I just saw “weapons”.


Serious? Link?

Here ya go!

Yep, mahine guns would be automatic weapons. :slight_smile:

Ok, why did they quote ‘missiles’?

When I first read the OP, I thought it was talking about “anti-Hank” weapons. Made me wonder what Hank did.

Click all the links provided in this thread, and one will say

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It’s very different here. Sometimes a judge will issue a gag order against the participants in a case, but there is nothing to stop the media from spreading any information they get. Or make up.

This was Nashville, so that would be Hank Williams, of course. Apparently, he accused someone of having a cheatin’ heart.