Yikes! Tron (1982) is selling for $219.99!


Usually you can find people selling their used copied for a few dollars, but even those are going for $97.00! Why?

Because of renewed interest in light of the new one coming out soon.

I’ve never noticed this happening with any other movies, and I often purchase the oldie a few weeks before the revival comes out. I can understand bumping the price up a bit to cash in on the assumed rekindled interest, but $220?? It’s almost like they don’t want anyone to buy one.

I’d bet good money it will be re-released along with the new movie as part of a package if you’re willing to wait.

People just bought all of the cheaper copies already, so the only copies that remain are the too-high-to-buy copies.

It’s just marked up by these vendors because it’s currently unavailable for distribution by Disney. One of their “in the vault” dvds. When they’re gone they’re gone.
Once Disney makes it available to vendors again (BestBuy, Target, Walmart) it’ll be the same $16 DVD.

I wonder what my Tron Laserdisc would go for?

You also can’t currently get it on Netflix. I tried putting it on my queue so I could watch it in preparation for the new one, but it’s listed as unavailable with an “unknown” release date. You’d figure Disney would re-release it to cash in on anticipation for the sequel, but as someone said above they’ll probably just put it out as part of a set later on.

Ask** PSXer**.

He’ll have to check with his friend.

Isn’t Tron on a Disney label? Those so and so’s are always manipulating the market by pulling stuff back and not selling it. I hate those “buy it while you can commercials they do”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll sell my copy. You can have it for the measly sum of $800. For one viewing. Each.

I’ve never seen the original Tron but I kinda want to see the new one. I don’t want to see the first one on video anyway, I want to see it on the big screen as it was originally shown. I hope some theater shows a double-feature of them both. If none does, I won’t be seeing the new one. I don’t believe in seeing sequels if I haven’t seen the first one.

You took the words right out of my mouth, Patty O’Furniture. (My exact words might’ve been “Holy shit, Tron is selling for $200! Can that be right?”) I’ve seen part of it, but my girlfriend is interested in seeing the original before the new one comes out. No way I’m paying anything close to that, and Netflix doesn’t have it. I’m hoping they’ll just run it on TV at some point. That’s where I saw it the first time.

ooo I think that would get me out to a theater!

I actually have a DVD and a VHS of TRON =)

This does seem odd. Especially since Tron 2.0 isn’t tracking well with women. You’d think they would take any opportunity to promote it - original DVD sales, original movie plays on cable, etc. But hey, it’s their investment. As long as 2.0 doesn’t end in a cliffhanger, I’ll be perfectly satisfied with just seeing that one, which will play for at least a week regardless of how well it does.

I guess people who do buy it at those prices are just paying an idiot tax. Since you can just download it for free in the back alleys of the internet if all you want is a refresher, and surely they will release it in some form in a manageable price when the new one makes it to BlueRay.

sounds nice tip.

$220! And to think I laughed myself sick when someone wanted $80 for a used paperback children’s book I’d been trying to find.

Me too. And it’s only a thousand bucks American for my DVD!

Hey, if I can make a few dollars…

On lddb.com, the current “hub” for laserdisc collectors, the current asking prices (USA editions):

P&S single-disc: $39 (original retail, $34.95)
Archive Edition: $66.43 (original retail, $99.99)

I’d say both are a bit high; I would expect to find the P&S for $10, $25-40 for the Archive Edition. I think the prices are high because currently there is only one seller for each. Looking at completed auctions on eBay from the last two weeks, the P&S has ranged from $6.51 to $35, the Archive Edition from $36 to $39.95.

Oddly, one CED showed up in that search, and got a whopping $31. You usually can’t give CEDs away, and Tron isn’t really rare in that format.

I’m sure I’ve said this before on the boards, but I’m a major Tron fan, and have it in a ridiculous number of formats. VHS clamshell, VHS slipsleeve, Beta, CED, P&S US laserdisc, Archive Edition laserdisc, P&S Japan laserdisc, original single-disc DVD, 20th Anniversary DVD, UMD, and I have a 70 mm print of the theatrical trailer. Go me!