On the 8th I got my latest email from “The Straight Dope” and I came across "Straight Dope Classic #3 - 10/05/1990. I enjoyed it and wanted to leave a comment. The title is: “What does ykk mean on zippers?”

Here is my comment:

And I had always heard that the zipper was just “Yankee” ingenuity!



That would be this column.

A little contemporary wisdom from Cecil:

Of course lots of people believed that in 1990.

Also, of course, the zipper was “yankee” ingenuity:

Nothing to do with the basic issue/topic but I thought the thread title had to do with “Y 2 K” :slight_smile:

And all this time I thought the YKK stood for Young Korean Kids, as in “who works in the zipper factory?”

Zippers, in general, are a pretty fascinating product. Check out the YKK website.
They also make an incredibly different number of fasteners/closures for myriad applications.
IMHO, YKK makes the best zippers currently on the market.

(And no, I don’t work for, nor am I affiliated with, YKK.)

So, what we’re saying here is: Crotchluminati.

And here I thought it was the sound you make when you… never mind.

This is why I love the SDMB. People have opinions on such things.


They (YKK) seem to be doing some serious brand-awareness building. I bought a new leather motorcycle last month and almost every ad description touted the jacket having YKK zippers, like I was supposed to care (I probably should, it has nine of them). I don’t recall any such mentions when I bought my previous jacket pre-2000.

That’s just good business. They’re trying to turn what is perceived as a commodity into a strong selling point, and doing a great job of it. YKK is probably the only zipper company I could name, and I’ve been aware of them forever.

My father being in the rag trade, he received a complementary copy of Talon’s 1963 50th-anniversary book. A fascinating read—but Talon is nowadays about as relevant as Silicon Graphics.

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