Y'know, I could really go for 100 Slim Jims about now

Why the hell did I buy this box of 100 Slim Jims at Costco? I mean, I do like the occasional Slim Jim, but I really didn’t need 100 of them. It’s inevitable that at some point or another I’m going to be on the couch with this thing, watching TV, drinking beer, and look down to find myself sitting in a pile of dozens of Slim Jim wrappers, and the rest of that night (and the whole next day) is going to be …unpleasant.

You ever have one of these warehouse store regrets?

I actually did once buy a giant tub of double bubble gum. It’s not as good as you remember, you know?

And damn you, now I want a Slim Jim. Even though I know my body will go “Why? Why did you do this?” Mouth:" I dunno! But I’m happy! Go, BrassyPhrase!"

The time I purchased that pallet of Enema 5000s DIY kits got ugly…

Yup. I used to be pretty much every time I went to Cosco I’d come home with something which would be great to get something cheap, but what the hell what I thinking about when I decided to buy the 816 gallon bottle of soy sauce?

As I write this, I’m looking at a 28-oz bag of Sweet Onion potato chips. 28-oz! It’s huge. (OK, maybe not for Americans, but here in Japan, they come in 8 oz.)

I’m trying to lose weight! If I open the damn thing, I’ll never stop until it’s gone. My wife will have three chips and be done. I’m not going to let my toddlers lose on them. Then what the hell will I do?

We’ve had three parties which we’ve planned on taking this to, and have yet. Grrrr.

Warehouse regrets.

Mmmmm…Slim Jims. The first food that sent me that memo: “You are no longer as young as you once were.” Later, White Castle and KFC joined the petition. urp :frowning:

I rarely have Warehouse Remorse, but there was that one time we ate a whole lot of salsa for a month…

I’m better now, but I did once buy the 10 lb bag of gummi bears. Gave a lot away to friends. Still a deal. Another time I bought the vat of Jelli Bellies. My dentist was very pleased with his new pool, I think.

Now I have kids and wouldn’t dream of buying something so insane.

Not a hundred pack but I did buy a 18-pack of jalapeno combos at BJ’s last month. And I discovered that if I have combos handy in my house, I’ll eat them every day. So I’m better off buying them one bag at a time.

Was this a typo? Or did you want to have a really salty soak in your hot tub?

Especially regrettable when you consider the 100 pack of slim jims would provide pretty much the same results!

Thread reported.

For giving me a monster case of the munchies! :smiley:

heh, I just got back from Costco and am sitting here munching on salted caramel macadamia nut clusters. I don’t yet regret it, but I bet I will in a few minutes. Or when I get on the scale tomorrow!

Every time that I go to GFS Marketplace lately there is like a 5 pound container of loose Sixlets staring me in the face. And it’s not bad enough to find that many Sixlets all together, but they’re ‘celebration’ Sixlets so they’re made in pearlescent colors! Ooh, shiny chocolate!!!

So far, I have resisted. Since they only appear to be around for graduation parties, I’m hoping they’ll disappear soon.

I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought the gallon of nacho cheese sauce, but it was yummy! Well, for the first week, anyway…

The Costco muffins always get us. A dozen muffins the size of your face! How can you go wrong with that?

About 3 muffins in we realize exactly how you can go wrong with that. You come home hoping that the dog figured out how to open the cabinet and tear into the package just so you have an excuse to throw them out. Every time there is a new flavor we end up buying them though. God, we’re dumb.

Slim Jim’s do not have a sell by/use by date, do they? I’d just consider them a part of my estate.

There are a few items I wish I could buy in those large quanties such as red hot sauce that I use with wings and most of the chicken I have. I go through the smaller store bottle pretty quickly.

Though a long time ago with very few exceptions the big warehouse size packages of items, though cheaper per unit, actually ends up costing me more more money out of pocket.

I came to this when I found out of you have more you typically eat more, so you go through it faster, and also have potential weight gain from it, which is a cost in itself. Buying the store size instead of the warehouse size and you use more reasonable portions and when it’s gone you can move on to something else, you don’t need to keep buying it so you get more variety.

I like this idea!

When Mr. Tao asks me why I brought home a pallet of SlimJims I will tell him that it’s for the impending zombie invasion, an investment in our potential future!

Oh wait…he wouldn’t ask. He’d just roll his eyes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, they do. I was curious about this one time when I was in the store…so I checked it out.

Hah! Seriously? Wonder what a “bad” slimjim tastes like.:eek:

I don’t know. And I’m not willing to consume an outdated meat stick to find out.

I can’t remember if the item I examined was an actual Slim Jim brand meat stick or not, but it did have a “Best Before” date.