Y'know, I could really go for 100 Slim Jims about now

I usually buy the off-brands that have a “Worse After” date.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this exact thing…

You spend a lot of time down in Gulf Shores Alabama don’t you?

I am sensing some latent ageism in this thread.
Remember, ‘outdated’ is a value judgement.

** swoons **

Let me guess, that date was some time in the past; probably at least 5-10 years ago, right?

Eh, it was just 3 months or so gone…still, I felt that it was just too risky for me. If I had a more robust digestive system, I might have risked it. As it is, I generally won’t consume Slim Jims or other brands of meat sticks even if they are still within the sell by date.

Probably like rancid grease. But I’ll concur, they do have a ‘Best By’ date.

Well, I don’t regret it, but my wife questions the 1,000 pack of drinking straws that I bought. Errr, 11 years ago at BJs. We gave a few hundred away over the years. I consider getting a decade of use out of a simple product like this to be good value.

Next time she complains about them taking up space tell her to suck it up.

Well, if you ever have this problem again, I have lots of 20-something American friends up here in Aomori who would devour those in a heartbeat :cool:. I’d cover shipping of course.

Every once in a while I get a hankering for one of them Red Hot Pickled Sausages. Occasionally a pub with have em, along with other pickled items.
They always hit the spot for those few minutes of beer n pickled sausage, a great combination. :slight_smile:

Now, I go to this box store and…:dubious:

I’ve had this jar of Red Hot Pickled Sausages for 4 years now…:rolleyes:

Not warehouse store, but a few months ago I got home drunk and foolishly got on Amazon.

“You know what I really miss from my college days? Ramen. Not the cheap Maruchan shit, there were some good kinds. I should order those immediately.”

…and then I did it. Three 30-pack boxes.

I probably still have 60 individual Ramen noodle packages in my pantry. They take up way too much space. I did enjoy the first package or five, but at my current rate it will take another year or two to eat them all. Plus I don’t know if packaged ramen goes bad. Here’s hoping it has a shelf life of three years or so.

/not the worst of my drunk orders, but probably the most voluminous and ridiculous.

//And the salt. The salt! Jesus, I don’t know how I ate these all the time in college. Every time I eat one now, I temporarily gain 2 lbs of retained water and feel bloated for 24 hours.

All the packages that I’ve seen do have expiration dates on them. A few years back, my daughter went through a phase of really, really liking those things, and ate them often. Then, all of a sudden, she cut back on eating them. I don’t know if she had the Sodium Revelation or what, but we had to toss quite a few packages later on, because they were past the expiration date.

heh. Guess I’m extreme the other way. I’ve used salad dressing a decade past its date. I woulda eaten the ramen unless it was buggy; in that case I would have cooked it and fed it to the chickens.

Whenever I go to the warehouse store, that #10 can of chocolate pudding always calls my name.

Yesterday, I went to a food warehouse. I bought relatively sane items, but there was one strange comestible that I had not thought about in years: pickled pig’s feet. Yes, those weird appendages floating in an oily brine delicately colored a rosy pink beckoned my hidden child. No, I did not buy them. A half-gallon container of those things would be more appropriate for an alchemist’s hovel, not my genteel country kitchen.

Clearly, you’ve never had food poisoning.

It’s not an expiration date, it’s a “best-if-used-by” date. Ramen is basically good forever. It may get stale, but you can still eat it. The “flavor packet” OTOH, you may want to toss that once you get a few years past the date printed on it.

I believe I have, but surprisingly not often and never requiring a hospital stay.

A few weeks ago my gf was cleaning out the refrigerator and went :eek:. She had been meaning to throw something out, and it was gone.

She assumed I fed it to the dogs and was very worried about them. When she asked me about it I explained that I had eaten it for lunch that day. I knew it was borderline, as she had made it about 6 days prior. Turns out 6 days prior we had left no leftovers. What I had eaten was left from 8 days before that.

I was/am fine.

The way I view food, if you do not have some light GI upset every so often you are being overly cautious.:smiley: