Yo! Noid

Who here remembers the Yo! Noid? Hmm…
You know, Domino Pizzas marketing icon for so many years, so many years ago.
All I remember is that he wore a red suit, had bunny ears, and used a yo-yo.
Didn’t he try to steal the pizza? (I ask this because you want to ‘avoid the noid,’ I believe.)
Also, Nintendo made a game about the Yo! Noid (I know because I have the ROM for it.) How bad is that? Making a game out of a marketing gimmic? Whatever.

The character was “the Noid”. “Yo! Noid” is the videogame title. I have it, BTW…for original NES :smiley:

Yeah, I remember the Noid. I don’t remember him well, but I remember him well enough that when I saw this new “Andy” muppet type character I thought, “Someone is trying to reclaim the glory days of the Noid.”

Of course there was that hijack in VVC that lead to this thread

Yo! Noid is without a doubt, the finest game made for the NES, ever.

Oh whew. I though I was being called out by a guy from New Jersey.