Yo, tattooed Dopers.

Can I just send a picture of my ass? I don’t have any tattoos or anything, I just want everyone to see a picture of my bare naked ass.


Please don’t.

Or we could just copy his ass photo into a paint program and have a “Tattoo Homer’s Ass” contest.

Homer, before taking the photo, please shave your ass first. Ink just doesn’t take through lots of hair.

Sure…I’m up for it. I will need some time to take a picture of my tatoo. Any time concerns?

I’d be happy to send pics of mine. I don’t have any pictures of them but I’ll take some this weekend and send them to you. I have 3 tattoos so I’ll send pics of each one.

Ooh! I could post a picture of mine as a warning to others to never get completely wasted and stagger into a seedy tattoo parlor in mid-city New Orleans.

And, as a fun game, you can all try to guess what the hell that scarred ink blot is supposed to actually be! Fun fun fun!
No. I’m not bitter. Why would you think that?

No deadlines. A web site is a work-in-progress anyhow, and the longer some of y’all take to send them, the more time I have to pretend I know what the hell I’m doing. I think that’s a fair trade.

If anyone wnats to send a picture of just their butt, they are more than welcome to. However, you will have given up your gluteal freedom, and given me the option of putting ANYTHING I WANT ON IT, and attributing it to your own crappy taste in tattooes. Your call. I’m not very good with Photoshop, but I have a couple of friends who would be delighted to help.

If anyone has tats that are in …sensitive areas (for instance…flames tattooed all the way up your penis) feel free to send 'em. I’ll just put an “X” next to your name and post an “over 18” warning. Ain’t no thang. If I went through the agony of having extremely sesitive tissue violated by an ink-filled needle, I’d want to show it off too.

I actually have pics of mine in the roll of film (yes, I still use film) in my camera right now, which I had taken to put up on my site. I’ll send them to you as well, if they turn out okay :slight_smile:

No penis tattoos from me, by the way.

I’ll chip in. I have to get some pictures, and get them scanned. I also have pictures of my various body piercings.

Yeah, I’m in on this. I’ve got 4.

Good idea, BTW.

Oh oh I gotta tatoo.

It is nice to know that there are so many of my ink-filled brethern in such a elevated group of people.

Sent a pic of mine. Got it in a wussy place on my ankle. It’s a design I made combining the tears of Dawn with the eye in the pyramid. So very symbolic (symbolizing how deep my fanboyhood lieth).

Hey! No one’s said it yet!

Show me your tats!

Okay, I barfed all over RCEdit and gave it a try.
Theoretically, the page is up at:
I say “theoretically,” because I uploaded the whole schmear and got a 404 when I went to look at it. Their “status” page says “Some members may be experiencing difficulties,” and it looks as though that’s me. I’ll keep checking it periodically and seeing if the blasted thing appears.

In a Good and Just world, though, it’s up.

If you want to add any comments…location of the tat, any story about when or where you got it, please let me know. I can add that stuff with NO problem. And please, people, keep them coming…I only have four peoples’ worth so far!

(and maybe I should get off of my fat derierre and put up a pic of my own. Geez.)

Well, I guess this is as good an excuse as any to actually take a picture of my tattoo! I just got it a few months ago. It’s small & unobtrusive, but I like it!

You got it! Thanks Hama!

Argh, can’t even see my own tats, got the 404 5 times

I’m really sorry. Xoom’s usually not this bad. I’m actively looking for another place to get this site hosted, but it’s slow going because I am a cheap snob.

works on Netscape, not on IE5.5 for me. That might help anyone else having problems.

Great job Hamadryad

Hey, I’ve only gotten pics from a few people. Any shot anyone has of his or her tat is FINE…I’d like to have more than six people on the site, though. :slight_smile:

And again, apologies to anyone for whom Xoom is messing up. Still looking into another host.