Do you have a tattoo? GET IN HERE!!

Well, the old thread seems to have been pruned out, so here’s a new one.

Last autumn, I threw up (almost literally) a little site wherein Dopers could show off their tattooes. However, is a big stinking pile of crap.

I just moved the page to Geocities. It can be found at:

(Didn’t want to hyperlink because I wanted the address visible.)

If any of you who are on there have updates or better pictures, send 'em…if you aren’t on there and you’d like to show off your tattoo, send a pic. New pages take no time at all because, unlike Shayna’s, my site is a slap-dash job and I am lazy. :slight_smile:

Great site Hama… I think you did a fine job. :slight_smile:
If anyone cares, my tat is there…go have a peek.

Oh, sure, now that I’ve given my digital camera to my parents…well, I have one, you’ll just have to take my word on that.

Well, I took some quickie pics of my tattoos to show Silly Rabbit during chat one night, so if she still has them maybe you’ll see my tats there eventually.

I still have them, Crunchy. With your permission I will send them along!

I have one tat, but it’s old and needs a little fixin’. I will try to get a shot of it with my web cam and send it along too.

I don’t really remember what they look like, other than the pix are black and white - if you can’t make out what the tat is (I think it’s tough to see the design of the tribal on my left leg) don’t send it. If you thinkn they’re all good enough that you can tell what the tat is, go ahead and send them in.

I knew that there was something I was forgetting!
Why didn’t you remind me the other day?
I need to get those pictures taken, but it now just might wait since I am going to get a new one in a few weeks.
Still am looking for the right one.
Maybe I will start a design Kricket’s new tatoo thread. We have a bunch of wonderful artists around here.

I’d love to take a pic of mine and send it in, but the place it’s located… Hmm… well, maybe I can do some artful cropping before I send it along. Don’t want any problems with indecency… :wink:

I’ll have to look into that this week…

Hamadryad, this isn’t a great image of my tat, but it should give anyone some idea:

Calvin and Hobbes

It looks much better on a Mac, for some reason. It’s too dark on my PC here at work.

Do you need me to email it to you, or can you copy/past from the above website?

Gee, TruePisces, I’m a graphic designer. I specialise in photographic manipulation, so tell ya what: Send me a photo and I’ll crop, airbrush and otherwise toy with it so we can get it up…I mean, PUT it up. Yeah. :wink:

Why, thank you so much for your kind offer. Helping to get it up is something I really would like to do.

[sub]Get it up, put it up… what’s the real difference?[/sub] :wink:

C’mere. I’ll show you. :wink:

Isn’t putting it up what you do after you’ve already gotten it up? Or do you have another method you’d like to show me? :smiley:

So as not to hijack this thread further:

THANK YOU for voluntarily releasing control of the thread back to the pilot…a pissed Hama is no good for anyone. :smiley:

Five: I can copy and paste it, but you’re right…it came out AWFULLY dark. If you don’t have any decent tools for manipulating the image I can snag it and try to lighten it up and post it…but honestly you’re right, it’s pretty dark, don’t think in its current state I can do it justice. I’m willing to try, though. Yer call.

TruePisces: With creative cropping I’m sure I can make your tat - where ever it may be - acceptable to the viewing pubic. Errr, public. :smiley:


Feel free. As I said, it looks just fine on my Mac here at home, so I have to think the potential is there for it to display properly. That image was created by lying down on a scanner. I’ve never managed to get a good photo of the thing (maybe it’s a vampire tattoo?).

I sent a copy to blessedwolf to crop and fix for me if possible. It’s not in the easiest place for me to get a good pic by myself (and you got the location right in one! :smiley: ) and there’s really not anyone around at the moment that I’d WANT to take that pic (choices: father, step-mother, brother, sister-in-law… um… NO) So, I did my best. Once blessedwolf gets it back to me, I’ll send it along… Or maybe one of these days, I’ll find a way to get a better shot of it. I could have SWORN I had a pic of it around here somewhere, but it probably disappeared with the computer crash 6 months ago…

YAY, Five and Tequila Mockingbird have been added.

I need to get a new pic of mine up now. It looks all blurry and nasty compared to everyone else’s.

MUST…COMPETE! Even with my one lame little tat. <stew, stew, stew>

Oh yeah, and by the way:

T. M-bird sent a very provocative pic but dollface, if I’d put up that whole pic no one would EVER look at the tattoo. :slight_smile:

Five, I managed to lighten it up pretty well. If it’s not up to snuff let me know and I’ll DELETE YOU! Or try to do a better job, at any rate.

I have one more to add, I just need to find someone willing to take a picture of my lower back.

Thanx for doing this Hammy, 'preciate it :wink: