Yo, tattooed Dopers.

If no one has any objection, I was thinking of putting up a web site showing off the tattooes y’all have. I mean, body art IS made for viewing, right?

I’m thinking pics of JUST the tats, no faces (unless it’s necessary to show off the tat, obviously)…maybe this will bring a few of the normally shyer people out of the woodwork.

Good idea? Bad idea? Comments?

I don’t care if you post pics of my tattoos. I’ll have to get some first, though. (Pics, not tattoos) :slight_smile:

I have a cute little tat of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes on my right arm :slight_smile:

I like that idea. I do have a pic of my tattoo, and even though it’s not the best, i can still submit it.

And you could have a fake section too (just so I could get someone to draw on my arm and we could all pretend it’s a tatt)

I’ll do it :slight_smile:

Sure, why not?

All right, then…send pics to ianna@bellatlantic.net and I’ll put something together this weekend.

And it’s not like I’m going to try to keep people from having me put up pics of their fake tattoos. If you feel you must. But people will probably be able to tell. :slight_smile:

WooHoo! My tats on the web! You got it! I’m sending mine right over.

Oh this is gonna be great!

:::unbuckling belt:::


I’m willing to post mine.

I’ll ask- without pressure - Baglady (as she’s the one with the beautiful, large ones) but she is more likely than not to say no. Which is too bad because they are great, but also deeply personal to her.

We’ll see.

God that was a horribly constructed sentence. I apologize to anyone with bleeding eyes as a result of reading it.

Sure thing! Like I’d mind, since I have a pic of mine up on my own site. :slight_smile:

Are you sure this is such a good idea? With the way things are going with Blue Pony droppin drawers and all? :wink:

Well, alright, but I have to drop mine too.
It’s on the small of my back you pervs!

Is this going to be like the Dennis Rodman joke??

“I’m not going anywhere near that! It says ‘Aids’!”
“Baby, when I get really excited, it’ll say ‘Adidas’!”

Don’t ask me how, Falcon, but immediately upon entering your web page, I just knew it was going to be a Celtic tat. Call me psychic.

Actually, if I’m going to put it up on a web site, it would be a good excuse for me to go get mine touched up. Now, if Baglady would just get around to drawing me a three-legged gecko (long story) I could get my new one at the same time.

Kricket: It is on the small of your back and you have to drop trou? You do realize that the waists of your pants aren’t supposed to act as an underwire? (Now I am thinking of my great-grandmother and her lime green polyester pants that stopped just inches short of her armpits).

I can’t imagine HOW you knew it would be Celtic, hon. Not like I used a Celtic motif for the WHOLE SITE or anything. :wink:

It’s about two inches above my butt crack you twit! :wink:
I would think that it would be part of the small of my back. My other one is on my shoulder. Who knows where the next one will go?
Any artist out there who wants to draw my next tat? I want a butterfly that is very intricate and ornate with lots of color. My brother in law is going to do it as soon as I can get my butt to Florida.

Damn! Went from “hon” to “twit” in one post. A new personal best!

Oh ya Hama, this’ll rock…

But I gotta take more pics of them.