you actually really do rock!

I have just completed a 17 hour flight from venice -dubai - and am now here in manila. I missed the unfolding evening with the election results. arrived in manila to the news that you have elected the first african american president in your history. way to go dudes ( and dudettes) It took a little while… hell you put a man on the moon before you put a black guy in the white house :D. But you did it! But what for me is the most satisfying thing about this, The most powerful man in the world to be (20th Jan) is an intellectual! America has lost its fear of rational composed thought.

Now I suspect that his planned domestic programme may not survive long after closer scrutiny of your true economic situation, But as a non american I believe that internationally you will no longer be viewed as a nation of lions led by donkeys!

Maybe this is really a step change away from my country right or wrong- with us or against us politics. Maybe justice in international politics is now possible. There is a new wind of change, embryonic but definitely growing now in america.

You know I have avidly followed the last few months of the election campaign. It wasn’t until today that I realised just what you have achieved by voting in senator obama. What a change in mindset. its actually pretty fu*king incredible.

You yanks have really grown.

am impressed and thankful to you peeps! Here’s to the new presidency. maybe also with the democratic gains in congress the republicans will radically rethink their postions. maybe the unacceptable face of capitalism may take a lesser priority to compassionate conservatism?