You annoying piece of SHIT.

It has been less than a week since I moved my website to its new domain.

I found, while reading through my stats, that you have directly linked to an image off of my site so you could have an icon on the crappy message board you belong to.

Haven’t you ever heard of DOWNLOADING an image if you are going to use it yourself? Insipid.

Luckily, the section you were stealing from is no longer being used. So, enjoy your new stolen image that says: “I like to link to images off of other people’s websites, because I’m too stupid to download them.”

Could a mod close this second one down? I think my server had an attack of flatulence. Sorry.


Truly beautiful.

A better tactic is to replace the picture with something extremely obscene. It could get them banned from the message board they posted the link on.

Back in the Bronze Age of the Web, 1996 or so, someone I knew who was running a “gross pictures” website found a big site, put up by a guy named Robb, where all of the graphics were directly linked from other sites, including his.

He was asking for ways to get revenge, so I suggested that he replace all the images with big banners that would be insulting to Robb, which was kind of a novel idea at the time. He not only did it with his own images, but got some of the owners of the other images to do it, too, with hilarious results.

Weeks went by before Robb noticed, and when he did he complained that “hackers” had “vandalized” his website.