You annoying piece of SHIT.

It has been less than a week since I moved my website to its new domain.

I found, while reading through my stats, that you have directly linked to an image off of my site so you could have an icon on the crappy message board you belong to.

Haven’t you ever heard of DOWNLOADING an image if you are going to use it yourself? Insipid.

Luckily, the section you were stealing from is no longer being used. So, enjoy your new stolen image that says: “I like to link to images off of other people’s websites, because I’m too stupid to download them.”

The rant so nice, he had to say it twice. :wink:

Excellent solution, BTW.

Sorry about that. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

What was the question?

Nice solution, but pardon me for asking a stupid question (I have no web experience): Why is that a bad thing? Is it because it is lazy of the other designer or does it screw up your site/stats?

It does affect stats, and it uses my server for their personal use. Not cool or acceptable.

Why not change the image to something a little different, perhaps even offensive, and then change the tag on your own site. It’ll learn’em.

Lowtax on SomethingAwful does this all the time to bandwidth leeches. You do NOT want to link anything from SA directly.

JohnT, every time someone goes to Mr. Jerk’s website, Hastur’s server is accessed for the image, very rude.

:eek: Didn’t even think about that. Sorry, cheapassed bastards.

I love the response! Creative, effective, low-effort. It’s like Judo: Use his own misbehavior against him!


My favorite was the guy who did stereo reviews on his site. The scumsucker not only stole the review, but linked to the art on the guys site. We’re not just talking one, but at least five. The guy took down the art and posted big signs like




(Note: I’m not exact in my phrasing, but you get the idea)

The site’s owner apparently fired the fuckstick and apologized for the theft.

I don’t understand how this quite works, can you explain it to me?

Is the person selecting “open from source” when downloading or…?

why is that even an option? When would it be a good idea to use that?

They’re too lazy to download the image and host it on some space of their own, so instead in their message board .sig, they put the URL of the image on Hastur’s page. Then every time their posts are viewed, Hastur’s website takes the traffic load from it.

BNB, what he’s doing is using the <img src> tag and calling the image directly from Hastur’s server. The polite thing to do is to download that image to your own hard drive and then upload it to your own webspace, then call the image from there. Actually, the polite thing to do is to ask whether you can appropriate the image in question in the first place.

Every time someone loads a page with messages from this person (it being a message board site he’s posting on), the image is called by the reader’s browser from Hastur’s server. So Hastur is basically providing free image hosting and bandwidth for this idiot. And “free” webhosting sites notwithstanding, both of those things cost money, which the idiot isn’t paying for.



thanks for the info.

My site has been live at its new domain for a little over a week at

The image in question has been requested by their server 575 times.

I’m thinking of a fairly graphic image to use on them.

Give 'em hell, Hastur.

Understatement of the year. :smiley:

Here is a jpg and a gif of an image I was GOING to use on the offender. But… I found that either the mods on removed her image link, or the offender did.

Download them, and use them against people when you find they are linking directly to your files.

There are plenty of scripts floating around that will automatically replace an image linked remotely with another of your choosing, or just a broken image.


Graphic gay porn is always nice.

Oh, I agree completely… :smiley: