You Are A Drug Dealer (Illegal): Do You Advertise It?

I ask because I drove by a run-down house on the poor side of town-parked outside was a gleaming new BMW 645S-eyepopping!
My question: if you are making a lot of cash, is it wise to advertise the fact? having an expensive car in a poor neighborhood kinda sticks out-would it not atract the wrong kind of attention?

It’s kinda hard to get customers without advertising.

Grassroots approach, man. Grassroots.

I knew a guy who became a cocaine dealer with his brother. He bought himself a used, but reliable, car. He had a part time food services job, and he never purchased anything that would look out of proportion with his paycheck – at least things people would notice, suits, flashy cars, jewels, etc. Most of his money went into various safe deposit boxes. He hadn’t yet figured out money laundering, but that’s the sort of problem most people would love to have.

I used to drive a Plymouth Reliant, you know a “K-Car”

And all my friends were black, and I’d drive into their neighborhoods, to visit or to pick them up. It was a magnet for drug dealers. I’d just drive in and 10 people would be rushing over 'Hey bud you looking for some work?"


Very first rule from Biggie Small’s “Ten Crack Commandments”…

Indeed. But no, that seems strange to me, and makes me think he may not be a drug dealer. A good drug dealer should know the irs would think that was a little bit suspicious. Maybe its just someone whos been saving up.

Not me, but I have this cousin, I mean brother that has used the services of drug dealers before, and it’s always been arranged through word of mouth with no other advertising. I have heard there’s some places down on the waterfront where if you look for a guy in flashy clothes just standing alone looking around he might get you some stuff, but it won’t be good.

I once owned a rental in a not-so-nice neighborhood. New people moved in next door to my renters on the corner lot.
Within a week of moving in, they had built an addition off their kitchen that reached all the way to the street. :confused:
Yup…a McCrack drive-thru. :eek:
This actually lasted about three weeks but by the time the cops actually busted down the doors the people were long gone.
ETA: I always wondered how much they raked in before they moved on. There was always a line of vehicles down the block waiting their turn.

One of the major flaws in the criminal justice system (like fish and wildlife- “catch and release”) is that a perp is “innocent” until “proven guilty”.

Its that “proven” part that fucks shit up. Until then, watch them Bimmers Run!

If you bought the car through a private seller (let’s ignore if the car was even legally their’s to begin with) with cash that’s probably never seen the inside of a bank, the IRS would never know. I don’t think the DMV or your insurance company reports to them.

I bought a pimp mobile that allegedly had been used in the drug trade. I was frequently approached by people looking to make a buy who had mistakenly assumed that I had replaced the former owner.

It’s Gangster 101 to not have your car registered in your own name. They use their mothers, grandmothers, and even the deceased.

Don’t advertise on Craig’s List. If the public can figure out which ads are selling drugs, then so can the police.

The best cover for a drug dealer is to hold down a middle class job. Dealing drugs successfully actually takes a lot of hard work. Unfortunately most people deal drugs to avoid working, which makes them lazy and easy to catch.