you are President: how do you broach Area 51?

Inspired by a General Questions thread on what state secrets a President can/can’t know:
You become President and are very curious, like most people, about Area 51. How do you ask to learn about it without feeling embarassed or ashamed?

You immediately ask to be flown to Area 51 in Air Force 1.

Why would you feel embarrassed? I’d just tell my Chief of Staff to set up a briefing with whomever knows about this stuff. That would be within the first week, for sure.

There is a 99.9% chance that Groom Lake is exactly what it is supposed to be, a top secret aviation research facility. There are people who watch the airfield from afar. If AF1 is seen flying in there the CTers will go nuts for no good reason. Better to be just briefed on it and send someone to check if need be.

But where is the fun in that?

Well, if it actually were me I wouldn’t be all that curious except wrt black projects I need to know about, assuming there are any I DO need to know about as president. But if I actually thought there were aliens and such there I’d ask for a briefing. They would either tell me or not…not much I could do about it if they gave me a brief that didn’t have aliens and such in it, since you’d have to rely on the fact that they are telling you what you need to know. I suppose you could additionally push things by requesting a tour then see for yourself.

Basically, if I actually was the kind of person who believed in this stuff AND was president I doubt I’d be all that embarrassed about asking.

“Hi, I would like a briefing on all our classified aerospace programs, including those at Groom Dry Lake.”

I would type up an alhabetized list of projects/sites, saying I wanted to review them. I would leave out Area 51, and a few others things I knew the name of. Then I would insert, by hand, Area 51, and the others purposefully omitted, so they looked like an afterthought. Then I would say, “for simplicity, let’s go in alphabetical order”, so we would hit Area 51 early on. They would never suspect I only became President to meet “the Greys”.

I thought Dugway Proving Ground was the new Area 51 anyway…

It’s like a new Prime Minister of the UK asking about the Loch Ness Monster.

There’s nothing to investigate.

Air Force One is whatever random USAF aircraft POTUS happens to be one, POTUS can also fly one a non-military aircraft (Executive One), and the presidential call-signs can be avoided for security reasons. The bigger problem would be getting POTUS away from the press corps and explaining away the hole in his schedule.

I would get my approved body double to go golfing, while I flew there and had a look-see.

At this point we know there is nothing odd about Area 51, because if there was the meathead in chief would have tweeted about it already.

There was some moron who was convinced that microprocessor designs came from aliens. I worked in microprocessor design. They didn’t. That is unless the aliens were way stupid.

That presupposes they would tell him about it.
If you were in charge of the Alien Secrets, would you have told him?

Hey, DJT is good friends with the guy who runs those supermarket tabloids I am sure he has the lowdown on aliens and such.
Or maybe his handlers just screened him a copy of E.T.that would have kept him quiet til he lost interest.

There was a UFO/CT skeptic who hung out at Rachel in the mid-90s and wrote about expeditions to “Freedom Ridge” and his interactions with the denizens of the Little A’Le’Inn in his blog called The Groom Lake Desert Rat. Interesting reading.

“POTUS is going to Camp David and ya’ll aren’t invited”

So says the guy whose location is “Deep Space”?

A real master of disguise I see.

One of my favorite moments from the original Independence Day was the president’s entry into Area 51:

A51 Guard: Here’s our main research facility.
President: Let’s see it.
A51 Guard: I’m sorry sir. It’s a clean room. We keep it static free…
President: (making it clear that it is an order) Open…the door.
A51 Guard: (half second of hesitation, fumbles with keys) Yes, sir.

Area 51 is a toxic hellhole whose actual problems like poisoned workers get largely ignored thanks to people obsessing over silly rumors about aliens. I’d be more interested in having the people responsible fired and prosecuted than anything else.