You are refreshingly funny

But of course you already knew that :slight_smile:

Just an intro to Cecil. Ole wolf here. Semi- RED (sorta retired and extremely dangerous)

HAM radio op
Fellow writer and published
martial artist free style Tai chi among other things
dog sitter/boarder If you don’t like animals you are a robot with no sense of direction
Did anyone ever tell you that you write sort of like Hunter S. Thompson but without drugs in your system? now thats a hell of a mix!



Welcome to the SDMB! Cecil is the Man!

I think “Hunter S. Thompson without the drugs” is an excellent description of the best of Cecil’s writing style (going back four decades!), and quite a compliment.

The occasional failures to maintain that high bar are due to Li’l Ed’s misguided efforts at editing, naturally.

… we’re going to need another muzzle …