How come Cecil isnt as funnie as he used to be?

Last night I was reading the 2nd straight dope book
for the gerjillionth time, and it seems to me that
Cecil used to be ALOT funnier then he is now,

Todays colum was intresting and taught me a thing or three
but I didnt smirk at all,

Upon reading the FAQ here (and the one in the book)
Im wondering…

there is no Cecil? Wit is not something that gets lost over the years - staff researchers are…

Snivel Snivel…

Today’s column? I didn’t know Cecil wrote daily colums, where can I find them? I always assumed he just kept his distance and posted on the SDMB from time to time, and wrote a replies to peoples questions from time to time.

Arthur? Are you serious? I’m flabbergasted…

You guys seen invasion of the body snatchers?


The poor guy’s obviously been under a lot of stress lately. Why dontcha mail him fifty bucks?

Perhaps the books have the funniest material in them, and there are several of them together, and things seen one at a time on the board…The editor needs to check the basement for pods.

Cecil hasn’t been as acerbic as he used to be – read the first SD book for classic Cece venom – but aside from that change in attitude, I haven’t really noticed any differences in style. Shrug

It’s hard to be funnie…

But let’s define funny… Is he no longer funny ha-ha or no longer funny weird?

Funny ha-ha is “Take my wife…Please” Bah-DUM

Funny weird is “Take my wife…and here’s six bucks if I can watch

Oh. I knew about the archives, I just didn’t think it was updated daily…

Oh, please. Let’s see Chris Rock do a stand-up piece about “Lorem Ipsum” or Zinc Lozenges.

Thats not my point, but now that you mention it I bet
Lots of stand up could, my point is that I dont laugh
nearly as much as I used to when reading his stuff…

mabe 17 years of The straight dope has made me jaded
(it sure hasnt helped my spelling any!)

Wanna know the truth, Janx?

Cecil’s just messin’ with your mind.

He’s a wiley bloke, he is!