You ARE the father! (Kim, Kanye, Kris)

According to CA law, Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kris Humphries, is presumed to be the father of Kim and Kanye West’s baby. Article says they are likely to be still married when the baby is born.

Does anything change if the divorce or annulment is completed before birth? Kris is seeking an annulment. Kim filed for divorce.

IANAL, but as I understand it, in CA, the husband is presumed to be the father unless he and/or the mother contest it at the divorce. If they agree that he is not the father, then he is off the hook for support and does not have any parental rights. If they disagree (either way) then the courts will order tests to decide. In this case, I doubt there will be any drama surrounding this.

Well, in any event, the most awkward part of the entire affair was when Kanye interrupted his own announcement to declare that Beyonce had one of the greatest pregnancies of all time.

Lock the thread. We’re done here. That was magnificent.

Shouldn’t a more reasonable legal basis be that anyone who sticks his dick in a Kardashian has no right to complain about the outcome? It’s not like their ways are a deep, dark secret.

Very likely true re parenthood, but considering who the biological parents are, I suspect there will be some drama about something surrounding the birth/pregnancy.

Poor Khloe. Perhaps she doesn’t need fertility treatments. Perhaps she just needs to divorce Lamar and have sex with Kanye.

Probably a whole new series, coming this summer… :rolleyes:

Sooner. They’re installing an in-utero webcam right now.

Having followed the whole “Baby M” trial that happened in my neck of the woods, I was amazed when Mary Beth Whitehead claimed that her husband Rick was the legal father of her daugher because “we were married when she was conceived.”

Yes, but you were not married when you conceived your son Ryan. And you were married when you conceive your son Austin by committing adultry with Dean Gould.

Anyone else wondering if this, too was a planned publicity stunt? Or just the Kardashian’s PR team spinning a bunch of unplanned events?

I would just loooove to be a fly on the wall of the weekly Kardashian PR team. If they had a reality TV show, I would watch the f* out of it.

Do you mean the PR team? 'Cause the Kardashians do have various reality shows.

Yes, just the PR team. I can’‘t watch the K’'s themselves, but I would love to hear how they are directed by the PR team.