Was watching this program Sunday night on ABC? One part of it was a discussion of UFO’s and this guy showed what they called ‘rods’ certain things flying around in home videos.

Look like a skinny little tube with flippers on the side flying really fast.

There has to be a reasonable scientific explanation for them. Anyone come up with it yet?

Handy, I typically don’t watch these shows but it caught my eye while I was flicking past. Wierd, eh? My guess is it’s some kind of insect or something. No good answers from me!

I saw a bit on rods on TLC (yeah, I know…). The guy who studies these videos did a seminar on these things and someone recommended that he simultaneously film an area of sky with an old crankable video camera, as well as a newer type. Some people explain these rods as a type of feedback or something due to the electronics in new video cameras, something which would not apply to cranakble cameras.

For the uninitiated, I think the guy’s website is . The “roswell” part is, IMHO, a tad gratuitous but who am I to judge…

Alphagene, thanks, yeah thats the web site.

If you click [assuming you use netscape]
‘what’s related’ there you get links to ‘ufo abduction insurance’ sites. lol

I love this topic…it’s so "Art Bell"ish!

Come on you men and women of science! Give us the straight dope!

Contestant #3

If you’d like to listen to an archived interview with a person that is an expert in “rods”, you can hear the interview with Jose Escamilla on the Art Bell show (5/25/99).

You can listen to this over the internet if you’ve got RealPlayer (and you can download RealPlayer for free if you don’t have it) by going to this link:

Click on the: “Tuesday Night / Wednesday Morning 05/25/1999” and the program will load.

The interview commences in the second hour of the program so if you just want to skip right to it, advance the player until the 02:00:00:00 mark.


Contestant #3

In the nature of equal time and all, I should mention that rods are a future entry in the Skeptic’s Dictionary. Here’s a link they give until an entry is made.