You, Can, go your own way.

So the wifey wants a complete remodel of much of the downstairs… kitchen, pantry, laundry and guest bathroom. This’ll be fun and we’ve enjoyed going through slate, granite and backsplash samples, appliances, fixtures, lighting, etc.

This would, of course, include a new sink and can for the bathroom. Fine. I get the name from a friend of the best can I’ve ever saddled up to, Kohler, and start looking through their website. That’s when I found this. Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t know whether to relieve myself or injure a gut laughing. It’d be perfect for teenage boys because using it would probably give one the sense of commiting vandalism. And the name? Why, “The Hatbox” of course. If you ask me, they left off an “S”.

Admittedly, perhaps it is still a step up from this monstrosity. I ask you, could you go into the open mouth of a Pelican? I believe it will be the San Raphael for us, which reeks only of artistry.

Now if we can just decide on a color. Again with the names… “Thunder Grey” and for the love of Og… “Biscuit”?

May I just say, wonderful irony in light of your username (as a homonyn, anyway). :slight_smile:

I’ve seen that hatbox on commercials. I wonder, if you walked in and the lid was down, would you even know it’s a toilet?

I’m certain that it will make your decision making process much simpler to know that Biscuit is the color of the grout on the backsplash area of the kitchen at my brother’s house.

Actually, the grout in question was a pain in the neck to work with, and set way too hard, too quickly, so brother ended up buying more at least once, maybe twice, which was a royal pain in the neck because it had to be special-ordered, not just bought off the shelf . . . .

But none of that was caused by his choice of colors. Er, her choice of colors. I’m pretty sure that my brother’s WIFE picked the colors–something tells me my brother didn’t much care.

Maybe… if someone had used it that way.

Really? It looks damned-near perfect to me – assuming it’s properly functional.

When I’m down on my knees cleaning the commode, it never fails to amaze me how many places there are on a standard bog that are seemingly impossible to reach but require regular cleaning anyway. Reaching for that bit under the tank and behind the bowl (guaranteed to be a pee magnet, for some obscure reason) is always awkward and usually involves putting quite a bit of skin in direct contact with cleaning-product-covered porcelain. Ugh. Not to mention the bewildering array of nooks and crannies that the damned pot has. Bolts sticking up from the floor, where wee hairs a scunge like to build up – bolts likewise sticking down from the tank to the bowl, which similarly attracts all manner of unwholesomeness and presents an awkward obstacle for a probing sponge. And then there’s the ridiculous number of lacuna, concavities, protuberances and ridges that are the inheritance of early twentieth century design sensibilities. Your standard bog is comically bulbous like an Edsel. All this maximizes the surface area and creates many little problem spots that make the damned thing a total pain in the ass to clean.

The “Hatbox,” on the other hand – it looks like it would be sparkling clean every time after twenty seconds and a tiny application of Vim. Zip, zip! Done.

Practical, elegant design. If I were in the market for bathroom fixtures, it would be on the shortlist, for sure – providing it’s easy to service and it works well enough.

Except that the first time I walked into that bathroom I’d probably approach my host and whisper, “Hey, um … were you aware that there’s a commode in your wastebasket?”

And I work for one of Kohler’s Canadian distributors. The engine division though, not fixtures.

Wow, Larry, maybe I’d better give the maid a raise.

And yes, it’s easy to clean alright… clean your wallet. $2991.15

$3888.50 if you prefer a designer color.

I assume these are their bottom prices.

Strangely enough, just yesterday, because there was a toilet-related Pit thread, I came across the following – a $4,000 toilet. It’s self-cleaning, and I believe will also prepare dinner if you ask it nicely.

Yeah, but the food will taste like shit.

I could definitely go for that.

Go. Ha ha.

Yes, I like both of the models in the OP for this very reason. Hair, lint, other substances, easy to clean up!

Friends are redoing their bathroom and they got a relatively traditional shitter, one that touts its powerful ability to flush 100 sheets of TP. Look, it’s not TP I’m worried about, it’s much bigger and denser materials.