You can have one of your young attributes back. Which do you choose?

If you could get one of your younger attributes back, which would you choose?

Still got all my hair, vision is still 20/20, although I now need reading glasses sometimes, manly parts still work, so I voted for knees and joints.

Too many years of full court basketball, with the requisite sore knees and twisted ankles. Most mornings now, I pop and crack like crazy for the first 20 feet or so.

Not sure I understand the question. Would hair count? :o

Optimism/faith in humanity.

My back!

I want my back back, as it were! (Should’ve been a choice!)

You’re right darn it! And the irony here is my back is always giving me shit!

I voted metabolism, but I’m greedy; I want my entire 20 year old body back. :slight_smile:

My ability to digest raw vegetables.

A functional pancreas.


I voted appetite/metabolism.

Once upon a time I was a competitive swimmer. Somehow I managed to get in a mile to a mile and a half of laps during practice each day and never seemed particularly hungry.

That has… ahem… changed. Now my physique is more suited do be used as a flotation device rather than a lifeguard.

I’m with Jack of Words - I voted “other”. Has anyone seen my rose-colored glasses?

Other – naiveté

Back (ruined by way too many 10+ hour MMO gaming sessions) or teeth (bad genes and a love of sweets). I’m actually stronger now than I ever was and I much prefer my BMI 21 body to my old way too thin teenage body so no problems there … yet.

In my teens, the doctor said I was in the 90th percentile of skinniness. Ha! If only he could see me now…

My voice. I used to have a fairly decent vocal range, impressive breath control, etc.

Decades of not keeping in practice and polluting my lungs have pretty much killed all that.

Other: confidence

Having just had a knee replacement that is not providing optimal results, I want my youthful knees back.

I want my ability to work on a problem for years, if necessary, till I solve it. Just cannot do that any more. After my thesis was finished with partial results, I worked on the problem–on and off–for five years before I finally cracked it wide open. Maybe the best thing I ever did. Although I’ve done easier things that have had more impact.

I want some energy.