You can take *this* job.......

In his autobiography, Gunther Gebel-Williams wrote that he once narrowly escaped death caused by a swipe of a tiger’s paw that had not been properly cleaned and thus had remnants of rancid meat still adhered to it, which understandably, can cause infection to set in immediately. Being the showman he was (now retired) he stayed in the ring and was then rushed to the hospital where he received massive doses of IV antibiotics. My question, should you decide to tackle it, is: What is the process whereby handlers clean a tiger’s paws from the rancid meat? (It being a given that the animal is first tranquilized, of course.) I think I would just as soon work at McDonald’s, myself.


Don’t let the tiger perform after a meal. Tigers, being nothing more than bigger versions of my cats, surely go through the same rigorous self-cleaning ritual that my cats do. Have you ever just sat and watched a cat clean itself? About the only spot they don’t get is right between the shoulder blades! Between the toes, behind the ears…they are very thorough!