You Cannot Search On Your Name!

Eom Eom Eom


Yet another conclusion jumped to.

The technitians are in the process of re-indexing the search engine. We will be able to search when they’ve finished.

They are reindexing the boards, which could take quite some time. Until then, the search engine will be less than fully functional.

I just searched on my name. It worked.

I used to have 50+ pages of posts (not including the posts lost to the Winter of our Missed Content), now only have 20 pages.

Indexing, archived, or lost forever :eek: ?

Does the Winter of our Missed Content refer to the unintentional lossage that happened in December of (?) 2002, or does it refer to the earlier Big Cleanout in which all of the threads dated before 2000 were deleted?

the lossage of winter 2002

i tested my name, it found someone quoting me since we returned, my first post, and then a bunch of stuff from 1999 and 2000 talking about ciggarette tar. So the reindexing is just up to the beginning of 2001.

Please note that the search feature will not return completely accurate results until the reindexing is finished. This could take upto a week to get done. Until then, kindly refrain from testing the search feature, as it adds to the load on the server, what with everyone testing out their new toy to see if it does wheelies and doughnuts like the old one did.

Thank you for your patience.

I didn’t deserve that, Lobsang, and I will refrain from using the search function until such time as the board has been deemed free of bugs. It just took me by surprise, is all.


We talked about deleting a bunch of old stuff at one time, but we decided against it. It should still be around, with few exceptions. There are a few threads that got lost when we converted from UBB to vB. The UBB software had an archive feature where we’d stashed some of the good stuff we didn’t want to get lost. And vB ignored anything that was in those archive forums during the conversion process. Those threads disappeared in to the ether, but pretty much everything else is still here and available.

OK I didn’t mean to offend. I was just surprised by how may people were jumping to conclusions when the update was so new.