You can's search on "seven" ?

I searched on “seven” in the title and post categories trying to locate “Things that come in sets of seven” (which I thought was MPSIMS, but turns out is IMHO)

Neither “seven” search found anything. I had to add other terms for the search to work.

Are numbers excluded from the search, like “this” and “that” as being too common?

Yes. VBulletin maintains a list of non-searchable words called “badwords.php”. These are usually pretty common words, and “seven” is one of them. Excluding common words keeps the search index small.

Anthracite posted this link a while back, showing the contents of the badwords.php file.

No wonder my searches never work! That list is so long!

I’ve been searching for all sorts of things and it’s been throwing out most of the search words without telling me.

I know it’s too late to change the software now, but it would have been nice if after searching to told you what it DID search on.
I thing Google does this, and

This comes up pretty often, I wonder if Noodles would consider putting it in the FAQ.

No wonder it wouldn’t let me search on “name change” yesterday! Or maybe it’s just my slow computer, since the connection to the server was reset every time I tried to search. (or it just plain timed out)

Eh, I’ll try it again from my brother’s computer… though maybe I should go look at that Badwords list first before I do. :wink:


Hmm… as I thought. My search for “name changes” will never work. Both of those words are on that list. Oh well.


That’s odd, because I’ve managed to search successfully on “name change”. Of course, I had to do that search because I didn’t think to check the FAQ to find out how to change my name. :smack: