You cheap bitch!

Thank you SO much for inviting us to your home last night after the ball game, and serving us 5-day-old pizza leftover from your daughter’s birthday party LAST SATURDAY, and then expecting money for it!


If I’d had any idea how old the pizza was, I would’ve politely refused (because I have manners), and then privately gagged at the thought.

I wonder if you have the brains to be even slightly embarrassed by yourself.

Asked for MONEY?! For leftover pizza?! Oh nooooo.

Not that it makes any difference, but was there any reason for asking for money? How was the request phrased? How much did she ask for?

Not that it makes any difference…just that I want to know how this came down is all.

:open_mouth: Inconceivable.

I too am curious as to her actual wording.

Maybe I’m a bad friend, but if a friend asked me to pay them for the pleasure of ridding their fridge of 5 day old pizza, I’d just smile and say I had no cash.

(Don’t get me wrong, my friends and I are very liberal with the taking turns to buy each other grub thing, but this is just silly)

Also, how did you not know that it was 5 days old? At day 3 our leftover pizza usually starts looking curled up and dry and weird and gets fed to the dogs. Did she reheat it so that it looked melty and yummy? Did she pretend that she just ordered it for dinner that night and wanted you to pitch in? Even still, that seems weird to ask.

the mind boggles!
how many of you were there? why would she invite folks over if she had nothing decent to serve them? scrounging up leftover is so bushleague!

I could maybe possibly see inviting people over a day or two after the party to help eat what was leftover so it didn’t go to waste, but I’d throw in freshly made appetizers, and nice drinks and such and be upfront on the purpose of the gathering. What the chick from the OP did is horrid!

Ugh, I can’t stand leftover pizza anyway, won’t even eat it the next day. But then to have that be all that’s offered and expected to pay for it?? Miss Manners would have a (very ladylike) hissy fit.

The demand for payment for serving old pizza to invited guests is bizarre. If it was fresh from Luigi’s oven it would still be bizarre.

This needs a lot more back story before it becomes a savory rant.

Piling on with my own request for more backstory.

I’ll clarify …

A couple of times a year when our team plays ball near her house, she invites everyone over for pizza afterwards. She gets a head count, calls her hubby, and he orders it up, and everyone chips in about $5 each or so.

At Tuesday’s game she made a point of asking everyone if they were coming to her place after Thursday’s game, for pizza. The assumption was, at least on my part, that it would be the same as always - fresh pizza, with everyone chipping in.

The pizza tasted like ass of course, but yes, they reheated it in the oven. I thought they had just ordered it too early maybe and they were keeping it warm. I also thought maybe they had ordered it from some crappy 2-for-1 place.

As we were leaving I asked, “How much do you want for the pizza? $5? $10?” she said, “Oh no, $5 is fine” … as I gave it to her, she said, “It was just left over from the party anyway”.

So I guess technically she didn’t ASK for money, but she certainly didn’t refuse it, and if I had even guessed that the pizza was LEFTOVERS from 5 days ago, I wouldn’t have had any of course. I wish she had warned us …

I am nauseated at the thought of it.

Ugghh! Yeah, she was tactless. Maybe you can give her an Ettiquette or Manners book for a hostess gift?

I have no problem eating 5 day old pizza, reheated or not, assuming it was in the fridge the whole time. But I’d never charge anyone for it.

Hell, man, I would’ve just handed her my American Express card and asked what the usual tip was at this joint. :smiley:

I was in too much shock to have any kind of clever comeback. Plus I didn’t want to embarass (sp?) my husband.

That was cheesy.

Saucy, too.

Mighty crusty to hit you up for the bread.

So, I guess this isn’t the time to mention that I routinely eat week-old leftover pizza? Or that nine times out of ten, it’s spent that week on the kitchen table instead of in the fridge? Hasn’t killed me…yet…

Of course, I’d never have the audacity to feed the stuff to anyone else (and in fact, if anyone seems to be going for it, I’ll warn them off before they take a slice), let alone demand money for it. Doing that would require a set of balls even stronger than the steel from which my stomach is molded.

Nice rant. A little too short, however, but otherwise a fine rant.