"You Damn Kid" falls on hard times. SDMB comic fans UNITE!

I’ve been a fan of Owen Dunne’s You Damn Kid since someone else posted a link here about 8 months ago.

Sadly, Owen’s run into some hard times, and doesn’t know whether or not he can continue publishing.

I’d encourage you to visit Owen’s booth at Wizard World Chicago in August, if only to beg the guy not to stop working. He produces what I feel is one of the best strips out there today, and it’d be a shame to see him driven under by lack of fundage.

Mods, this is not a plea for money, and I’m not affiliated with the guy in any way, shape or form. But for all the threads on the SDMB that complain that comic strips have all given way to safe, stupid pablum, you may want to do something to help support the little guy that’s still doing funny, edgy work.

Owen’s site has a whole bunch of his work on it. If you haven’t read it, do so. If you like it, maybe help the guy put bread on the table. But again, your call.

This is the same guy who fell on “hard times” before and started charging for subscriptions. I actually bought one because I loved his “Beevnicks” strip so much. Shortly afterwards, though, it seems that Beevnicks disappeared and my subscription stopped working. I see now that Beevnicks is back (I haven’t checked in over a year) and is apparently free. I’d be real leery of giving this guy any money again. I love his cartoons but I definitely feel like I got screwed, as my “1 year” subscription was good for maybe a month or two. I never bothered him about it since I figured, hey, it was only $10 or so, but still, it left a bad taste in my proverbial mouth.