You Dirty Rat!!!

@#$%&*!!! RAT!

As many of you know, I have a few pets.:rolleyes:
Anyway, I keep most of the rodents in a big old canvas tent out back. They do quite well out there. Most of them are in closed aquariums or plastic cages to keep out the local wild rats. All except my female rats…

You can see where this is going, right?

Yep, one of 'em, Charcoal, to be exact, has turned up with a half a dozen little rat bastards! I found a hole where the determinied little S.O.B chewed his way in to do the dirty deed. What gets me is that my sweet innocent little girl must have either been sound asleep with her butt against the bars, or she was a (gasp!) willing participant! :eek:

I prefer, of course, to imagine the former!

Anyway, it looks like I now have a bunch of half wild rats on my hands. I am kinda curious how they’ll turn out. As soon as I can though, the girls go in one aquarium and the boys in another!

Anyone want a rat!?:smiley:

You think this was wild rat rape? Good heavens!

And here was I thinkin’ guinea pigs were right there at the extreme of amour …