You earn more than x% of the world

I’m looking for a website. I first saw it a couple of years ago, but my google skillz are inadequate to the task of digging it up again.

The central feature of the page in question was a little text box in which you could enter your income. It would then pop up with “You earn more than <something>% of the population” (generally a number with a lot of 9’s in it)

Anyone know what I’m talking about?

I put global income comparison into Google and got as my first hit. If it’s not what you saw, I think it’s close.

Could this be it (admittedly, it’s just talking about the UK).

thank you! I know the dope wouldn’t let me down :slight_smile:

Is there a similar calculator for just the United States? That might help us gauge the reality of the “Ask the Scion of Wealth” sorts of threads.

Playing about with it, it is in quite broad bands. Once you go over US$200,000 it just puts you in the top band and you can put in a number with as many zeroes as it will take and you get the same answer.

And another small gripe by this taxpayer: it confuses income with “rich.” You can have a lovely high income and be close to broke on a balance sheet, as well as vice versa.

I typed in $99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 and only get to be the 107,565th richest person on earth. :mad:

I’m in the top 58 million, fools!

Bow before me! Women, throw yourselves at me! For I am a God! A God of earning!

There are none but 58 million greater than I! I shall smite them all, in time. For now, bask in my glory!

…um, I think I’ll log into my Kiva account and lend/donate some more right now. BRB.