You found a WHAT in your computer?

Whoa! :eek:

Holy Snakeskin! :frowning:
I wonder if it was a pet?

Snopes featured this and declared it undetermined.

In my old computer, while in storage, apparantly a chipmunk made it it’s home (it was only in storage for about a month). I found LOTS of little seeds inside of it along with a few small wires chewed.

Oddly NO part of the computer had a hole large enough for one to enter. The fan hole was covered by a kind of grid, the other holes were just large enough for a screwdriver to reach in, and the rest of the unit was sealed. Tight. I checked.

Bastards. Took me forever to clean that mess up.

Oh, yeah, there was no body of any animal, btw.

Sounds more like a mouse then; sounds far fetched to me, but I’m told that if a hole is large enough to admit a pencil, then it is also large enough to let in a mouse.

Genreally my computer only collects lint and dead skin.


If you’d asked what was the oddest thing I’d found ON my computer (ie HD) it would be Quicktime footage captured by my housemate while I was away - him and his girlfriend doing X rated things to each other!!

OMG! :eek:

Well, at least it wasn’t him and YOUR girlfriend…

I had a computer for three years and opened it infrequently. When I finally got a new one and gutted the old one for its useful parts, I found mouse poop all over the inside.

We’ve found mouse poop in the work computers, too.

We thought it was kind of strange because none of the mouse-house computers were anywhere near any kind of food, or crumbs or anything. They’re all old towers put away in a storage room.

Maybe the mice liked the quiet or something.

I found 15 cents, in pennies, in my old 486 years ago. Apparenly my little brother was pumping change into the fan to hear it clink around.

Didn’t do any damage, but was strange enough.

Hey, that’s my old uni!

UQ is literally a block away from me. I wonder if I should enquire further as I’m much better friends with the vet department than I should be…

I don’t think it’s a hoax anyway. A snake once made it’s home in my mum’s old car’s engine… we found out about it when the car was switched on.

I used to live in this horrible, roach infested apartment. The roaches liked to live in the electronic devices, so when I moved, I had to take my computer, telephone and stereo in to have them cleaned out.


A pigeon once made it into the engine compartment of my car. But since it did so by crashing through my left headlight whilst I was happily speeding along at 150 km/h in the middle of the night, it was kind of impossible NOT to notice it, though. :smiley:

Pigeon stew is something you DON’T want near your heater, though. Good thing the gas stop owner let me borrow his high pressure cleaner to rinse the engine off. Can you imagine what pigeon stew vapours would smell like 6 months later, in the winter, when you turn the heater up? :eek:

I was talking to the Xerox guy in our office one day. He had just come from a call in Boston where he was confronted by a very large and irate rat inside a copier! I have also found seeds, mouse droppings and chewed wires in some computers I have worked on. Usually someone left a slot cover off, makes a nice mouse door.

Hee hee, I’ve found some interesting stuff inside PCs and printers.

Customer brought his PC in. The power supply had blown up. Upon further inspection (ie the “sniff” test)… it didn’t smell quite right. Burnt electronics have a fairly distinctive smell, but this wasn’t it. The smell was burnt urine. Yummy! I opened the P/S to find a dead mouse. My guess is mousey went inside the P/S because it’s nice and warm… then the PC was switched on, mousey panicked, peed and was subsequently fried. MMMM!

Another PC was brought in to us because it wouldn’t power up. Well, it would switch on but immediately switched off. Took the lid off and found the mainboard an inch deep in soot. SOOT. Like from a chimney. I just looked at my boss, he looked at me, and we rang the customer and told him it was a bin job.

Another one with a power supply - this time full of lizard eggs and fried baby lizards.

Printers are a little more fun because they have lots more moving parts that are subject to tampering.

Fun stuff I’ve found inside printers:

An LBP-660: a large gecko lizard. Minus the top of its head. It managed to stand on just the wrong part of the power supply.

Miscellaneous inkjet printers:
Frog shit. From top to bottom. Paper pickup unit, print head, waste ink absorbers. You name it, it was there. Customer was from north Queensland where they’d had what he described as a frog plague. Frogs in everything. Cupboards, drawers, showers, toilets, sinks, clothes baskets, shoes, computers, video recorders. It’s funny now but he was ticked off at the time!

Rounds from a cap gun.

The head of a kid’s barbie doll.

A toy crown (about the size that the afore-mentioned barbie doll might wear).


The heel off a high-heel shoe. To this day I have no idea how it got in there.

Thumb tacks, staples, paperclips and other miscellaneous forms of office supplies.

Rubber bands.

Cling wrap. Not just kitchen cling wrap, the stuff they wrap pallets up with!

Rat shit, mouse shit, cockroach shit, you name it…

Bird seed.

It’s amazing what people will allow near their computer equipment!

Max :slight_smile:

Roaches in electronics are the worst. Back when I used to work in cable TV, the convertor repair department would get at least three or four convertor boxes back every year that would be partially filled with roaches - the fresh and very ALIVE ones were the worst ones.

There’s nothing quite like hearing the squeal of a convertor repair tech as she’s just opened a convertor box and had 40 or 50 albino cockroaches come scurrying out looking for a dark place to hide.

We fumigated frequently in that building.

Wow, you people sure do find a lot of strange things in your computers. The most I’ve ever seen in mine is dust.