You get a magic potion. What does it do?

I just ran a section in my paper where I had one of my reporters ask some third and fourth graders if they had a magic potion, what would it do?

It went well. Granted some of the fundi crowd sent in nasty letters (two) saying we were attacking religious values by advocating magic, but you expect that in this business.

Anyway, we got some that said, they would have a love potion (girls), one that said he would have an “anti-love potion” to stop girls’ love potions from working on him. There were a couple of invisibility potions, a make the whole room dark potion (I wanted to suggest that there is already one, and it’s called a light switch). There was a “go-back-in-time-10-minutes potion,” so if “you break your mom’s mirror completely by accident, I wasn’t running or nothing, you could stop it.” There was a “make-my-dad’s-car-new potion.” There were a couple of beautiful and pretty potions and one that would turn any leaf into money.

Anyway, what about you? What would your magic potion do?

It would make more magic potion! I’m not really sure what I would do with a potion that could only replicate itself though…hmm maybe this idea needs more work.

I can SEE a thought process happen there :eek:
Whoops… wrong smiley… I meant :smiley:

Veritesarum (sp?)

(A good-luck potion)

I’d love to have a projectile amnesia potion. When I drink it I have about five minutes to say or do anything I wish and nobody will remember me having done or said it.

It would give me instant healing abilities.

Well, as long as it’s not a diuretic, you’d never need to worry about going thirsty. It might even be a tasty magic potion. Or you know, a “magic” potion.

Is this a potion you drink, or a potion others drink?

If it’s for me, it’s the Perfect Weight Potion. I can eat all I want and never gain an ounce.

If it’s for others, I want a Healing Potion for Ivylad.

I know it’s boring, but I’m leaning towards the “turns paper/leaves/whatever into money” thing. 'Cause it’s easy to turn money into other stuff.

A “regrows cartilage where it’s supposed to be” potion.

Although ivylass’s Perfect Weight potion would take the strain off of the joints.

Decisions, decisions.

It would give me easily achieved, healthy pregnancies.

If I get to use it again and again, it would be a power of human flight potion.

But if this is a one-shot deal, then mine would be and incredibly jammy luck potion, and I would use it when I bought a lottery ticket. Yes, I would sell out my dream of flying for merely being obscenely rich (oh, I’d use that money for good though, well, some of it).

I would want a potion that provided clarity.

Surely if you could see clearly when you needed to life would be a breeze!

I think you should know that the phrase “projectile amnesia” nearly creates a tactile image. Nearly. Not quite. And it itches in the brain like bugses.

Either a healing potion, or a learn-stuff-without-trying potion.

Potion of Transformation into Effective Human.

I just realized I hadn’t put mine. It would be a potion you drink and it coats your teeth so you wouldn’t get toothaches ever again. I know, I know, “It’s called regular brushing, flossing and regular trips to the dentist.” Well, I have the side of my face swollen the side of an orange because I didn’t do that and now I wish I had a magic potion.

[sleazy TV voice] Natural male enhancement… [/sleazy TV voice]

If it’s permanent, then Potion of Perfect Recall. Names, faces, learning without forgetting, I would rival Noam Chomsky in time.

If it’s a one-time use thing, then Human Flight sounds nice. I’d also go for Ultimate Orgasm (self or others), or w/e you call the effect that Gummy Juice had on the old Gummy Bears TV show.

I’d like a potion that becomes whatever you want when you pour it out. DRIP large pile of cash DRIP brand new bleeding edge computer DRIP large cheese & mushroom from Mr. Hero. No more shopping for groceries, hell no more shopping at all.