You get a magic potion. What does it do?

Mind control. Even if I just used it to control my own mind, that would still be a step in the right direction.

Like the one the Witch Witch has in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Cool choice.

That is a truth serum, not a luck potion. For luck you would need Felix Felicis.

I would want my magic potion to be Felix Felicis because that would make pretty much everything easy and obtainable.

One-shot type - Health. I know an old fella who’s been in serious pain for 30 years now.

Money would be nice. The turning leaves into cash idea is good. Or give me the power to shape-shift. I don’t want to be an animal or anything, just figure a way to shape-shift to a me that doesn’t have arthritis (and maybe include a few other enhancements). I might need two of those.

I’d need a potion to make everyone else calm. A circle of “Shut up, chill out, and get the job done.”

I don’t need a magic potion to make me calm, because I’ve got several bottles of that in my fridge and/or liquor cabinet.

On second thought, just gimme the one that lets me always have a full head of hair.

If it’s a potion for me, it’d be Successful Follow-through potion. Taking that I’d actually find a job better than the one I have and finish my novel and…

If it’s for others, it’d be Be Reasonable potion. I’d give it to people being unreasonable, and then they would be. Even if I had to pour it down their throats.

My magic potion would impart to my brain the library of knowledge that Stranger On A Train walks around with. I think I have a man-crush on him. Don’t tell anybody.

No, I’m not gay.

But seriously, I’m comforted in knowing that Stranger is one of the good guys, because if he were working for the dark side, we’d be in big trouble.

“was”. Freaking Nazis.

The water of the fountain of youth.

But not too much. Maybe the water of the fountain of just mature.


I’m with you.

Giant cock potion? I bet you could Ebay that sucker.

Mine would be the Potion of Temporary yet Complete and Utter Clarity.

For precisely one minute you will learn and be totally away of the Ultimate Truth about whatever issue/concern/theory you have in mind. Said truth will be transmitted in whatever form is appropriate for that truth, from verbal to sensory to pure unadulterated wordless enlightenment, unmediated by cognitive limits, personal biases, or prior ignorance, willful or not. You may of course attempt, in that one minute, to jot down the Truth in whatever way you are able, but once the minute is up you will be back to your prior state of ignorance on the subject, knowing only that for one Glorious Minute you were blessed with Total Awareness of that Truth. [Think Dr. McCoy in that ep. about Spock’s Brain and how for awhile he knew how to perform radical brain surgery, until it wore off and all he knew is that he knew.]

It’s a potion of permanent D&D stat control:

I can increase my strength whenever I like so I could kick a tidal wave to the moon if I wanted.

I can increase my dexterity to olympic athlete levels.

I can increase my constitution to heights that grant me immortality.

I can increase my charisma to charm or persuade anyone.

I can increase my intelligence so I know how everything works.

I can increase my wisdom so I can’t be tricked out of my powers.

I’m going to go with ivylass’s Perfect Weight Potion. For me. Heck, I’ll even share with as many people as I can.

A perfect health potion.

Generally my health is pretty good, though it’s starting to go a bit unpredictable as I get older. But having something that would guarantee I would never need to worry about any illness (or minor injury, perhaps), and eat anything I want and not exercise, and yet still be in perfect health until I expire “of old age” would be quite nice.

Start a massive chain reaction that extinguishes all life on earth.

While I am partial to several potion ideas above, I might also suggest a potion that allows you to know the location of any object(s). Setting aside the obvious car keys example, here’s another application: we moved 4 months ago and I have now unpacked everything but I don’t know what happened to my cool collection of kitchen magnets. With my magic potion I would drink a sip, close my eyes, focus on the magnets, and KNOW where they are.

I would use this potion several times a day and it would save me a great deal of time I now spend searching for mundane but important stuff.