You get to be any animal in any location for a period of time. What and Where do you chose?

You stumble across a lamp with a Genie. He only grants one type of wish (with rules).

  1. You get to be turned into an animal of your choice for a duration of between 20 minutes to one day. The duration is also your choice.

  2. You will be transported to a location of your choice for this duration. You can interact with the world there.

  3. You are not allowed to intentionally physically harm humans.

  4. If you die in that location, your time is up and you reappear back here unharmed.

Mine is unimaginative. I would want to be a huge lion in a crowded square in London. Chasing around screaming people (adults only) would be so much fun. I would jump on top of cars and roar.

In the US, all cops have guns and I would probably be shot with too many bullets in short order. In the UK it would take longer.

China Shop.
'Nuff said.

50 years ago.
I love to be worshipped.

As usual in these kinda threads I’ll be a raven. Location? Hmmm…I’ll go for a summer day in the Wind River Range.

Fly … wall … moderators’ loop …

At first I thought you would be your username. But then I considered maybe you already are your username.

Orca, off the coast of Alaska on a brilliantly sunny summer day.

This brings up another thought: The squid. SMDB initiation rites.
Maybe? I forgot what they do with the squid. I must have blacked it out of my memory!

Something with good vision and a good vantage point (so probably some sort of bird, or possibly a pterosaur) at the moment the K became the T.

I watched a family of redtail hawks practicing flying for the younguns yesterday, they looked like they were having fun so “any happy raptor, any time” would be a good choice too.

I would also like to be a big dinosaur, like a huge land based one, just to see what being that enormous felt like while moving around.

Nickname bestowed upon me by a girlfriend on a camping trip.

A duck, at Niagara Falls.
I actually said this the last time I was there, watching pieces of ice go over the edge: The funnest thing a duck could ever do is land in the river upstream of the Falls, float over the edge, and then, just as it starts to fall, whoosh! fly away.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Imagine the youtube videos people would post!

A bald eagle in some remote location with a lake prime for hunting.

I’d be a bird! How could I pass up the chance to fly around? I can already walk, like most animals, and I can already swim underwater (with the proper equipment) like any fish or aquatic mammal, so being a bird offers an opportunity to do something that I could never normally do - fly, and not just the way an airplane or helicopter would, but as close or far from the ground as I want.

I was gonna say an Eagle at Tahoe! But then I thought about it. I don’t want to eat mice and stuff.

So, I’ll be that Triple-Crown winner, Justify, on the stud ranch. :wink:

cat, my house

Dog, my house.

Keeping in mind that the rules don’t mention property damage, I would be a tyrannosaurus rex at Mar-a-Lago for a day.

Indoor cat, middle to upper class home in America without small children or young dogs. The whole day. I need to catch up on sleep. I wouldn’t mind a little petting as well.

Pterosaur, one of the big ones.