If you could be any mystical/fantasy creature...

…what would you be and why?

This question was posted on another message board I frequent, and I was deeply, deeply depressed by the results. Please tell me this place isn’t full of fairies and mermaids. Ok, so the other board is pretty much all women, but still, who answers such an important question with “A fairy because they’re so pretty!”

For the record, I went with Hobbit.

You get to live a simple, comfy, pastoral life, sometimes interrupted by adventures with wizards and elves and shit. But mostly? You’re hanging out in your garden or your cozy Hobbit hole, enjoying a smoke and chatting with the neighbors. Plus, and this really nails it for me: second breakfast.

What say you, Dopers? I know we’re a more creative bunch. First person to say “A unicorn because they can fly on rainbows!!” gets poked.


Similar to a hobbit, I wouldn’t mind being a Puck. Hang out in the woods all the time, cause mischief and play pranks, and look dashing in a leafy green outfit? Sure, sounds fun.

The other creature I always imagined I’d be is an undine and I’d spend all my time in a big ole lake cavorting with the animals and swimming everywhere.

Antigen, it’s really unfair to taunt us with, “First one to say…” You know what that does to Dopers.

I’m thinking dragon. As a dragon, I could have fourteen breakfasts, if I wanted, and sometimes they’d come to me! Knights in shining armor charging on horses? That’s just an invitation to play with your food!

Also? You get all that loot. Plus, flying? Sometimes flying TO GET LOOT AND FOOD?

Then, there’s the choice of breath weapons. Your average dragon breathes fire, which is basically awesome, but there’s a nice array of other possibilities. Acid? Check! Frost? Also available. Sleeping gas? Lightning???

Plus, if you end up as some kinds of dragons, like in some Patricia C. Wrede books, sometimes the princesses bring themselves to your house and bake you cakes.

Can I change my vote to dragon? Who can say no to Cherries Jubilee?

I think it’d be cool to be a hydra of some sort, because let’s face it, only one person alive is going to kill you. You breathe and people die and if someone has the skill to decapitate one head, they just make things more difficult for themselves.

I’d probably go with something from the djinn family. Invisibility, shapeshifting, flight - those are the types of powers I’d be happiest with. Sure, the dragons get the firepower, but sooner or later some lucky archer will hit your weak spot. With djinn, you’ll never even know we were there.

If it’s not too cheaty I’d like to be a Kryptonian.

A hobbit would be cool too. I already pretty much live the laid back life.

Likewise a smurf would be a laid back life. Though I’m not too thrilled about the sloppy ninety-ninenths.


A genie that wouldn’t balk at granting me an infinite number of wishes. Any balking on the genie’s part as it insists on only the usual three wishes would have me wish for a genie that would grant me an infinite number of wishes, immediately after which the first genie would cease to exist.

Genies are stoopid.

I’d like to be a dragon, preferably one that can shapeshift into human form and size. Best of both worlds.

I might pick a god … :smiley:

But from which pantheon? Probably not Norse (I’m not that into constant warfare). But still, there are so many to choose from…

See, I considered that, and then decided that gods deal with too much drama.

Famous last words, those.

I think I’d like to be a kitsune. Why? Besides really liking the character in Christopher Golden’s The Veil trilogy, I’m really enjoying writing a story where the main character’s best friend is one. She’s addicted to Sonic the Hedgehog :slight_smile: Ren is a twin, the good one, and her sister is the other portrayal of kitsune.

Is there something that’s reclusive and longlived and plain, that gathers a library about itself? You can only get into the library if you’re worthy. Although worth might be bought by bringing more books.

You could get a really inept wizard to turn you into a Wheaten Terrier.

I rather like the idea of being one of the Companionsfrom Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar series. Horse-like benefits, but also general coolness.
A Hobbit does sound good what with the second breakfast thing. Hmm.

A bookworm?

I’d be a Pegasus. The ladies like the horsies, plus I could fly.

Depending on my mood, either an Istari or some kind of nymph.