HP Question: What Would Your Patronus Be?

May be more IMHO, but since it’s HP related I’ll put it here.

What would your patronus take the form of?

I would have a bison bull (fierce creatures with some hellacious power behind them) but only if I couldn’t have my first choice, which would be Joe Pesci. If I had the latter it’d be Joe from either Goodfellas or Casino, because either way show me one Dementor who’s going to mess with a psychotic Italian guy throwing down on them: “Oh, oh… you think you can mess with kids in a tunnel cause they can’t use no magic, huh? Well come heah, I’ll show you some slight of fckin’ fists you can take back to the Asscabana or wherever the fck you come from!”. It could answer for all times whether Dementors have blood.

Do you get to choose your Patronus? I thought it was more like a Power Animal (or personal “totem” in modern parlance, although technically, a totem only applies to families or tribes, IIRC) that either chose you or reflected something about you.

In any case, mine would probably be a tiger. Tigers just keep popping up for me, no matter what mythology or tradition I’m working with. Flashy and powerful, but also shy and good at hiding. Yep, that’s me!

Probably a horse; to be more specific, a quarter horse. There was a wonderful old quarter horse I used to work with and with whom I really established a connection, although he’s now dead. I can totally see having a horse like him as my Patronus.

I’m thinking…some kind of bug, rolling a big ball of shit.


I’d go for the 5061, though I’m guessing that’s a pretty standard response. Still, Cesium is rather nice.

Realistically, the 32SII - I’ve had one for years, and it’s never let me down. They’re highly prized, too - used ones sell for about 5 times what I paid for mine.

This is either a sophisticated woosh or a misplaced post.
For me, it would be an owl. I love those critters.

My patronus would be Paulie Walnuts.

Probably a cat, if I got to choose which it would be a panther.

Snow Leopard


Enhance, Mr. Spock. :confused: :dubious:

Definitely tiger.

Tree Sloth.

Search data banks for “Harry Potter.” Correlate.

Joe Bruin, of course.

Ooh, can I have a Giant Squid? That’s if I get to choose. If it chooses me, it will probably be something that projectile-vomits hairballs in my defence.

I am pretty sure mine would be a bird. My hope though is a Thunderbird but a raven would be cool too. I am not sure why, but bird stuff finds me.

My cat cocoa thinks she is my familiar though and wishes I would get on with the spell casting stuffs.

On second thought, maybe a Horta…

Sampiro, I love your first choice. It fits my philosophy in life, “I don’t believe in God, I believe in Joe Pesci” …

As I think it is suppose to be from the animal world, I would expect mine to be a large cat, possibly a Tiger, possibly just a giant white domestic cat, all spit and fury, think a feline Joe Pesci. :wink:

If I had a choice I would choose Shadowfax. I would think that would be at least as good as Harry’s Stag.


A bison. I just have a thing for them.