If you could be any occupation or race from literature...

I read a lot of science fiction. In said sci fi there are a lot of neat abilities, alien beings and special training regimens that I would like to experience.

For example, you might say “I wish I could deduct like Sherlock Holmes” or “I wish I could cast spells like Harry Potter”… etc.

Mine are: (see if you know where they’re from) :smiley:

Cosa Nostra Pizza Company Delivery Driver

Fedaykin Death Commando
Bene Gesserit



Researcher for the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

A Founder from Deep Space Nine with full abilities.

No idea what job I would want though… something well paying, of course.

Badass With A Cool Sword And Floating Castle like Lord Morrolan in Brust’s books.

Or Bartender And Instellar World Saver And Mick of Time, like Callahan from Spider Robinson’s books.

I would be a member of the Howard Families in Heinlein’s Methuselah’s Children so I could live a really long time. I’d like to be like Lazarus Long and go into space real estate like he does at the end of the book.

Or I’d be Hagbard Celine from Shea and Wilson’s Illuminatus! Trilogy.

Being a Prince of Amber would be cool. Or a Second Foundationer. Or a member of The Culture.

One of the Endless would be nice. They always complain about their duties but except for Death all they really seem to do is mope, get vengeance, or cause chaos.

A Liaden Scout!

Alternate choices:
A Witch of Lancre
A Bard of Senniel
One of the Old Blood Folk of the Six Duchies
A Deryni
A Tymbrimi

Istari Wizard (J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, of course - think Gandalf)

Duh… A hobbit!

Where else would a bear snob fit in in Middle Earth?

Hmmm… I wouldn’t mind being a Dragonrider, but that would be a LOT of work.

Worth it though… to look into those eyes…

Or a Tayledras Adept, at the very least a Scout.

Oh, or a Harper or DragonRider on Pern.

I’d be God from the Bible.

Yay! What colour do you think you’d be? me… a green most likely. Gold is not for me I think.

Mad Scientist. Definitely Mad Scientist. ("‘God’s Domain,’ consider yourself my bitch!")

Failing that…some kind of forge god, like Hephestos.

I’d probably really enjoy the quiet life of a Hobbit. Although if I felt the need for excitement and adventure I’d like to be a Deryni from the Katherine Kurtz book. One with healing power. And an earldom just south of Morgan’s.

I’d like to be able to watch people like Leon Trout from Galapagos.

Oh, I dunno. I wouldn’t be out for great things. I’d just wanna fly around, fight Thread, and fly around some more. Probably a brown or blue. Just another cog in the Weyr Machine. :smiley:

Oddly enough an Elf (not a hobbit)

or Wobang The Infinitely Prolonged

Race: an Elf from Middle Earth, Rivendell most likely…

As for occupation, be nice to have the skills along the lines of those that Fëanor had (he made the Silmarils).