You got butter in my Vegemite!

Vegemite eaters: Do you allow butter or margarine to get into your container of Vegemite?

I never have. I don’t want anything perishable in the pail or jar. So I butter my bread (or muffin), wipe the butter/marg off of it, spread the Vegemite on one slice, wipe off the butter/Vegemite residue, and then spread Vegemite to the other slice.

I wipe the knife on the edge of the toast/bagel after buttering, but I don’t go to any special lengths - if there’s still a bit of butter on the knife, I’ll still stick it in the Vegemite jar. Never noticed any problems.

It’s tricky. Worse than getting butter in the Vegemite is getting Vegemite in the butter. I think I’ve got a technique of doing it without wiping anything off the knife, but it doesn’t always work …

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