You gotta love my neighborhood

Have you ever went home to find your 10 ft by 5ft and 6 ft high dog pin gone? I can understand my BBQ grill getting stolen but really, you can get away with stealing something so big? They had to of brought tools for this job. I live on a corner house also so wtf…? I couldn’t help but laugh when I noticed.

They took it for scrap metal of course and they probably managed to get less then 5 dollars for it all. I’m sure they had problems getting the fencing off because I’m yet to find a scrap yard that accepts fencing because of it getting caught in their machines (some will use it as a broom though).

Is a dog pin like a dog pen? And was a dog in it when it was stolen?

Nah, I left out some details to make it sound worse than it was. I guess I meant dog pen. I don’t live there anymore but a lot of my stuff is still there, I’m watching it until the landlord gets back from a long ass vacation. I only pop up a couple times a week. The dogs we got it for are back with their owners. There isn’t anything at the house I would be too upset about if taken, I already got the important stuff out. The dog pen did cost some money but I was going to have to get rid of it eventually and the thieves saved me the hassle. I have a couple days to get the house all cleaned out. I’m tempted to throw everything at the curb and set a timer for how long it takes for it to disappear.

We had a street clean up- unused stuff on the footpath. Bogans come along and lift it before the council picks it up. I decided to put a coffee table out, go upstairs and get a beer and look out the window and see how long it took to go.

By the time I got my beer it was gone.

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Have you ever went home to find your 10 ft by 5ft and 6 ft high dog pin gone? quote]

…how big is your lapel…?

Maybe they just wanted to add it to their collection.

My sister had a wooden wishing well in her front yard, built by my nephew. It was huge, weighing at least 300 pounds. Someone stole it.

A few years ago, a neighbor named Leo had his huge stone lions stolen from his driveway entrance. They required a crane to place there originally. Some time later, just by accident, a cop was in someone’s apartment and happened to peek under a large tarp in the corner, and there they were. The occupant was arrested.

This happens every time I move… invariably there will be some piece of furniture we decide not to take with us… We put it out on the curb while moving everything else out… and usually inbetween trips to the truck it will have disappeared.

I must live in a very picky neighborhood, or else the stuff that is left out (with a “Free” sign on it, no less) is total crap, because that stuff can sit out there for days. Then it gets rained on and no-one wants it. Then it sits there even longer. Finally I think the trash people pick it up or something.

Some idiots stole the entire top off of a couple of dryers in our apartment laundry room the other night.

I say idiots because their “take” out of the coin boxes couldn’t have been more than $15-20…if the coin boxes were full. According to the apartment manager, the boxes had been emptied the day before, so I guess they got away with maybe $5.

In one (strangely) area of my home town its a tradition that if you want to get rid of something that is still useful you put it outside in the street.

If someone wants it they are welcome to take it, but if no one wants it then you wait for the local trash disposal firm to to take it away.

Not the same thing as the o.p. but I just thought that it might be interesting to some.

You’re right, that IS strangely.


Bogans? Are they anything like Vogons?

lol, for some reason this had me laughing really hard.

We have one week a year where the garbage pickup can include almost anything you want to put on the curb. “Spring Cleanup”

The day of the pickup, it’s ridiculously hard to drive around. On every residential street there a lines of pickup trucks, vans and cars with trailers, driving slowly down the street checking for treasures they can take with them.

I don’t mind the fact that someone has a use for my junk. More power to them. But would you please stop parking across the end of my driveway, so you can get out and sort through my neighbor’s pile?

My nephew was looking at houses. He and his wife and the realtor were checking out a vacant house when they realized there were people in the basement ripping out the copper pipes. They left the house quietly and called the police, who responded and arrested the thieves.

My nephew and his wife ended up buying the house.

You and me both. Unnecessary adverb FTW!
I wish someone would steal my neighbor’s dog pen; there are 10 dogs in it, 8 of which are 3 week-old puppies who whine and whine while momma hides from them on top of the doghouse.
I’m in Middle GA; anyone want to guess the breed of these 10 dogs?

Either some sort of coon hound, or pit bull. (If I guessed correctly, and the prize is one of the puppies, I’ll pass!)

The secret is … ready for this? Put some kind of sign on the object requesting something like $20.
The thinking is; If it’s free, it must be broken. If they want money for it, it’s still good. It’ll disappear in no time.

They’re very precious pit bull pups, 7 females, one male, all have white socks like their mom and big sis (I bet it’s her turn to have a litter next, she looks to be about 2) and the boy has a white head and white shoulders.
Calls to Animal Control do nothing; they must catch him in the act of selling a pup, they say. A third of the people around here have the same last name as the dogcatcher and my neighbor.
Thank GAWD they’re not hounds, I don’t think I could bear the racket.