You guys are all Trollists

That’s right… I’ve never seen a bigger group of Trollists (or is it Trollophobes) than here. I’ve seen people defend all sorts of religious beliefs, cultural identities, handicaps, ability (or lack there of) to spell, and so on… but there seems to be one thing that stirs the collective hate here… a Troll.

Come on guys… can’t we raise above this hatred and accept this group as well as all the others. I see a “Troll List” thread with almost 200 posts… should we be “outing” people for other traits.

I say that we need to take the time to try to understand these posters and show that we love them just the same as anyone else.

Lets make this world just a little bit better for ALL groups of posters.

I hear your groovy message of love and acceptance… All you are saaaaaying, is give Trolls a chance.

comeone everybody!

All we are saaaaaaaying, is give trolls a chance…All we are saaaaaaying, is give trolls a chance…

Let’s start brutalizing the Troll Sympathizers!

::splort:: Fantastic User! You owe me a new keyboard!

I am now going around the house singing “All we are saaaaying . . is give trolls a chance!” The kids are looking at me funny!



“I’ll never argue with a lawyer again.” – The Devil Himself.

Malcome “T” sez: “We didn’t land on The Straight Dope Message Board, The Straight Dope Message Board landed on us!

Let’s hear it for the willfully ignorant!

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I say: Bring in the Billy Goats Gruff.

You’re right…it’s all water under the bridge. Hopefully a tidal wave.

Hi. My name is Pooch and I’m a Troll.

God, I feel better already. I am proud to have Nickrz as a representative of the SDMB Trolls and applaud the Board’s equal opportunity initiatives.

I am admitting that I was powerless against Trolling, yet I cannot contact all the people I have offended. Too many people, too little time.

Though I cannot turn myself over to God so that He will purge my body of these Trolling Demons since I am an athiest, I will follow the 12 Steps to Recovery which are:

1: Admit that I am a Troll
2: Confine myself to MPSIMS until I regain control of my life
3: Walk away when someone says, “When does life start?”
4: Stop siding with C#3 for the fun of it
5: Admit (even grudgingly) that it is entirely possible that people smarter than me exist
6: Stop PUI (Posting Under the Influence)
7: Limit my aliases (one to each personality)
8: Tear up my ‘hit list’
9: Stop posting in ‘meeting threads’ where I have no intention of attending and saying ‘that night is bad for me, could you change the date?’
10: Respond kindly to all sympathy and congratulation threads as penance
11: Count to ten before I submit a post
12: Promise not to get into Slythe’s obsession with scatological references, and Handy’s thing about dicks.


Rats! Backsliding already.

When I dial up the Internet, I am very pleased to find a message board that is working hard to eliminate ignorant and stupid people. There’s a place for them: it’s called UseNet.

Yes, when I dial up the Internet, I want it to be a troll-free call.

I still say that we should judged not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our posts.

Trollism is our RIGHT.

I wish it to be clearly understood that I have never burned incense to Contestant #3.

Sarcastic? Moi? Gracious, whatever gave you that idea?

After much troll bashing I’ve decided not to feed the trolls. Without food they eventually die. Seems fair enough to me.